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Comment: Note the oak frame and mantel over the Godin which will be tiled around .
They had to take out the whole frame because they had originally fitted it too low for the final tiled floor level, as well as putting the hinges on the wrong side.  A great relief to see the done at last.

The heating system relies on this tank in 3 ways - 1 - to store enough hot water overnight for heating the house for 24 hours on an average winter day;  2 - to buffer the intermittant input of heat from the Godin boiler to the underfloor heating;

The third function is to reduce the size required of the boiler and backup heater, when a surge of heat is require to heat the house each morning.  Normally the boiler would have to be sized to cope with this surge and would then be running inefficiently for the rest of the day.  Thus we can have a small boiler that burns at maximum efficiency for a few hours per day and is relit each evening.

Before the tilers arrived we built in the Godin with Siporex blocks.

The back of the Godin boiler with the air intake ventilation duct coming up from the 'sous-sol' .  The back will be enclosed on two sides by Siporex blockwork with wood fibre insulation around the back to further reduce the heat loss from the water jacket.

The front door finally installed, hung as originally shown on the drawing, and Fermacell floor ready for the tiler.

The Fermacell floor in the WC.

At the same time Michel and Claude came to move the 1000 litre central heating storage tank (ballon tampon).

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Oct 10, 2008 - 12:57 PM
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