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Comment: The week began with the carpenters back, lowering the scaffolding they had put up to do the fascias and gutters, in order to fix the tongued and grooved cladding (lambris) under the eaves.
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Nov 05, 2007 - 10:23 AM
In the afternoon I went to La Coquille in the van to collect the larch cladding from the sawmill of Mr Merle from whom we are buying a lot of the finishing timber.

Mr Merle with the poplar boarding he has planed and grooved for us which we will be using for ceilings.

Finished eaves boarding.

The scaffolding I had ordered for the north west side should have arrived on Monday the 5th, but Gary Maslen misread the plan I emailed him, and spent the afternoon touring the neighbourhood looking for the site ! Mr Mazieres said he could not work without it and so did not come on Tuesday.  On Tuesday morning, I met Gary at St Pardoux at 8.30 and led them to the site.

By about 3 on Tuesday afternoon the scaffolding was up and I summoned Mr Mazieres back again.  I had not allowed for scaffolding in my 'Bill of Quantities' so I had to provide it as the gable was a bit too high for the sort of scaffolding used by Mr Mazieres which is seen on the right.  I have to say that the security of Gary Maslen's scaffolding impressed the French builders !

On the other side - the south east - which is not as high, Mr Mazieres' carpenter used a ladder to put up the tongued and grooved boarding under the eaves.

Late on wednesday afternoon they started, at last, to fit the flashing (solin) for the chimney, that I had collected from the suppliers of the Godin wood fire that will be our principal heating.  From time to time during the work on the roof, I had suggested that this was q good moment to place the flashing and trim the rafters around it, but was always told that they would do it later. This became a bit of a joke, and I think they were winding me up a bit by postponing it. When they finally came to do it, it emerged that they had never fitted this kind of stainless steel 'solin' before, and tried to persuade me that I had been given the wrong thing.  Words were exchanged, and I insisted that it would work if they followed the instruction leaflet.

The 'solin' in place, waiting for the adhesive foam seals around the edges and the tiles to be cut to fit.

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