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Comment: The week began with a rush to finish putting linseed oil on the larch cladding, and other finishing touches, before Gary Marsden came to take down the scaffolding on Wednesday morning. The weather didn't help as it rained on and off every day.
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Dec 04, 2007 - 05:10 PM
Because of the weather, I could not get onto the roof to oil the boarding and stain the fascia and beam. After I had finished on the roof, I intended to make a temporary frame with protective polythene over it, to prevent the rain blowing into the house and staining the oak frame and beams.

On Thursday Mr Dubuisson sent  Jean-Luc and his team to fit the windows that he had already made in advance - all the standard windows and glazed doors (porte-fenÍtres) in the basement, and half of the main floor windows.

The porte-fenÍtre in the guest bedroom.

view from south of window being fitted.

My studio (atelier) sliding door.

View from south west on Thursday afternoon.  It was dull, warm and drizzed all day, and I still had not finished the frame and polythene protection for the roof light. That night it rained heavily with high winds from the west, and all the interior oak was thoroughly soaked.  Not exactly a catastrophe, but very annoying because it will mean a lot more sanding down of the frame and beams to clean off the water marks.

Also on Thursday, at the same time as the windows were being fitted, Mr Marcelin MaziŤres sent Johnathan and Fabrice. 2 of his carpenters, to fit the rest of the ceiling joists and try to finish the framing for the boarding on the south east side.  They did not quite finish, and did not come on Friday. I may have to finish the framing myself if I can't persuade them to come back next week.

The windows on the north-east side.  The glazed door from the kitchen on the left will have to be taken out and remade, as it was hinged on the wrong side, and I can use the old one as a door into the future greenhouse (serre solaire).

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