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Comment: View on mezzanine looking from spare bedroom direction.
Also on Thursday, at the same time as the windows were being fitted, Mr Marcelin Mazières sent Johnathan and Fabrice. 2 of his carpenters, to fit the rest of the ceiling joists and try to finish the framing for the boarding on the south east side.  They did not quite finish, and did not come on Friday. I may have to finish the framing myself if I can't persuade them to come back next week.

The windows on the north-east side.  The glazed door from the kitchen on the left will have to be taken out and remade, as it was hinged on the wrong side, and I can use the old one as a door into the future greenhouse (serre solaire).

On Friday I spent the day clearing up after the storm and finishing the frame and polythene for the roof window. More very bad weather is predicted for the weekend, and the permanent frame and glazing will not now  be made until the New Year and together with all the other glazed sliding doors and windows, may not be ready until the end of January.  We are disappointed about the delay, but if I make temporary frames with polythene, I can get on the interior partitions and suspended floors and ceilings in the meantime.

Polythene temporary roof window and framing ready for polythene for the sliding glass door to balcony.

View of interior from direction of bedroom.

View from south corner of living room, showing sun penetration in late winter afternoon.

My improvised workbench using 15x10 cm Douglas fir beams.

View down from mezzanine.  Wood for timber framing for partitions and suspended insulated floors stored on mezzanine.

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Dec 12, 2007 - 03:21 PM
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