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Comment: Elevation to the terrace. At last the house is watertight and airtight (nearly) and relatively secure. Now I can down tools and leave for lunch just locking the door behind me, instead of having to put everything back in the van or down in the cellar store every time I leave the site. We have only had one small thing stolen, but the local builders do not recommend leaving tools lying around. Now I can get all the insulation delivered and bring the things we have bought on the sales for the plumber and electrician Mr Desvergnes who is due to start next week.
Margaret by the contentious front door.  It was designed to hinge on the right to open against the stair landing down to the 'sous sol' to the right, with more space to step into the entrance lobby and take off coats etc.

Inside the front door with the stair to the 'sous sol'  on the left.  As the door is hung now you step towards  the landing at the top of the stair which is awkward and dangerous. In addition all the light switches will be behind the door. It will have to be rehung.

The main living and dining area windows and sliding door onto the terrace (yet to be backfilled to cover the rainwater cistern).

The finished roof window .  The solar panels for the domestic hot water will be just in front of them.

Mezzanine and dining area windows.

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