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Comment: Francis using the Komatsu pneumatic drill to break up the rock in the sand filter. This time it took about 45 minutes with the pneumatic drill on the Komatsu machine.
The correct tank being lowered into the hole.

In place

Francis started to dig the 25 square metre hole for the sand filter.

He struck rock again there.

the dressed stone surround to the small window in the basement bedroom.

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Apr 17, 2008 - 12:05 PM
First a huge sheet of geotextile was laid and then the hole filled with 70 cm deep sand.

The sand was levelled and then a layer of gravel was laid on it.

Francis and his assistant (another Mr Mazieres)

On Thursday it started to rain and didn't stop for a week. But they just carried on in the rain.

The masons worked on in the rain building up the stone wall. Luckily the eaves overhang partly protected them.

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