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Comment: The "geotextile" was wrapped over the gravel covering the piping and then covered with soil.
Francis and his assistant (another Mr Mazieres)

On Thursday it started to rain and didn't stop for a week. But they just carried on in the rain.

The masons worked on in the rain building up the stone wall. Luckily the eaves overhang partly protected them.

On Thursday afternoon the inspector of drains from SPANC, Mme Berthome, came to check everythng. She was not satisfied with the proposed arrangements for the ventilation of the tank and insisted that a separate 100mm ventilation pipe was provided to above roof level.

Laying out the perforated pipes over the gravel layer.

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Apr 18, 2008 - 11:22 AM
The projecting end of the stone wall forms a plinth on which the main living floor of the house sits, and will screen a little terrace outside the guest bedroom..

View from the north.

Francis laying out the piping to the septic tank.

Wall nearing completion on Friday.

Rain continued, and the masons were not happy.

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