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Comment: Working on the roof is not my favouite occupation, but I had some help - one person below and two above were needed to fix the chimney.
Before the installation of the stove I built a base to raise it off floor level with 'Siporex' blocks and a concrete slab.

Although we have an old concrete mixer, I thought so little concrete was needed for the little slab that I mixed it in a barrow.  It was a mistake.

The next chore was to prepare for the fixing of the flue passing through the roof, which I had to do.  A heavy glavanised collar had to be screwed precisely vetically under the flashing already through the tiles that had already caused so much trouble.

Much of the work I do is invisible - like partitions in the larder and small fixings and fiddly fittings where they are not seen,  giving observers the impression that I'm not doing anything.

The wood fire base with shuttering still on.

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Jun 14, 2008 - 10:40 AM
The last section of stainless steel insulated flue held by the collar.

Meanwhile Margaret was cutting hemp wool semi rigid  insulation and stuffing them into the timber framed sections of wall.

Putting insulation into the corner of the dining room.

Insulation in the WC wall - the white spots are from the plasterers machine.

Another fiddly bit of framing for 'fermacell'.

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