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Comment: View across the living area towards Margaret's workroom.
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Jul 21, 2008 - 12:04 PM
The screed covering the underfloor heating pipes is nearly dry enough for tiling but Mr Augustin who will do the tiling cannot come until September..

Final 'Fermacell' sheets are screwed to framing, leaving the hole for the solar ventilation grille.  A  large solar photovoltaic panel which I bought a few years ago, will drive a 12 volt fan whenever the sun shines to extract heat.

Panels under the roof lights over the roof insulation. Venetian blinds are installed to avoid the July solar gain in the afternoons, which tended to rather overheat the mezzanine.

The stairs down to the basement (sous sol) was assembled and fixed.

The stair came as a kit from Leroy Merlin in  Perigueux - our main supplier.

The last job before the August break was floor framing in the hall, wc, and larder, ready for the tiler who is coming in September.  The OSB sheet is temporary.  Underneath the tiling will be 'Fermacell' laminated flooring sheets.

The stair kit was for a full storey, but was easy to adapt to the intermediate height of the 'cave' level.

Last week in July - The screed has dried now much paler, and the living room cleared ready for tiling.

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