I am an artist and printmaker living and working in France, concerned about my health and about the environment. I describe here how my technique (and enjoyment of printmaking) have been transformed by the rediscovery of some 19th century electrolytic printing plate-making processes - originally named Electro-Etching and Galvanography. I have used the names "galv-etch" and other names using the prefix "galv" to distinguish my particular contemporary application of these old techniques. I am resolutely opposed to attempts to patent and restrict the use of methods that have been known and used by printers and etchers for 150 years, originally patented in 1840, and this site is an attempt to share my knowledge of these methods and counter attempts to restrict their use and profit from them.


The content on this site consists of extensive extracts from the new revised 17th edition "GREEN PRINTS" - A booklet extensively illustrated in colour and black and white, with index and appendices, and a version in PDF format can be downloaded free from this site

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Tous les pages (presque) de ce site sont traduit en français
(cliquez ici pour les pages en français)

Une version de "GREEN PRINTS" en français est maintenant disponible comme fichier en format PDF.

cliquez ici pour la version française .

Some of the content of Green Prints has also been translated into Spanish and published by the University of Barcelona. Click here for details of this book "El Grabado no tóxico", which includes chapters by Eva Figueras Ferrer, Friedhardt Kiekeben, Keith Howard, Juan Carlos Ramos, and Rosa Vives.

On this site are completely revised and enlarged sections on warnings about the use of new "Bio-solvents" or "Eco cleaners" or "vegetable-based substitutes", on fractint, salt aquatint, sugar lift tint, on electrolytic cold casting of copper, a new appendix on the dangers and inconveniences of using salt solution (brine) as an electrolyte, and on equipment, on calculating the time required for galv-etching, and extensive rewriting of sections to correspond with the 18 th edition of Green Prints. The feedback I have received, by offering Green Prints as a free download, shows that it is of interest not only to printmakers, but to to jewellers, enamellers, and craftsmen and women working in metals of all kinds, and I hope that some of the new content reflects these interests.

I have made a number of video demonstrations which can be seen here or by clicking on Videos in the main menu.

Also a paper entitled "Electricity, Light and the Printed Image" given at the 'Jornadas de Grabado no tóxico' organised by the University of Barcelona in 2004, is available by clicking on the title above. This paper forms part of the book in Spanish above, and the illustrated Spanish version of it is available on this website. More of this paper is now included in the historical introduction.

cedric green Exhibition and demonstration, France 2002

al Personal exhibition at Espace Paul Bert, Nontron, France,2002, with demonstrations of technique and simple printmaking workshops for children.

(For news of other exhibitions in France in which I regularly participate see the following website: www.labelestampe.fr )


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