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The pages that follow are comprehensive extracts from GREEN PRINTS published by Ecotech Design, Sheffield, UK.- a handbook on healthier and safer methods for intaglio etching and metal plate printmaking, featuring the technique of Galv-Etch, which is a modern development of the 19th century electrolytic techniques of Electro-Etching and Galvanography. It introduces Bordeaux Etch - a new safe electrochemical non-acid etch for zinc plates, Fractint and other grounding and plate making methods avoiding the use of traditional toxic grounds, varnishes, resins, solvents and any chemicals harmful to health and to the environment. They show how these methods may be employed without using expensive equipment.

This site is intended primarily for printmakers with a basic knowledge of the traditional processes of etching metal plates, who are dissatisfied with the toxicity and general unpleasantness of many of the processes. The methods described can be used by printmakers and non-printmakers alike and all the information contained in them is in the public domain, derived from standard scientific textbooks, or from research carried out by the author.


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