Passive solar house in Charsfield

'Delta' was the second house built for my family ten years after the first. This time it was dominated by a large south-west facing 'conservatory' (solar greenhouse), and built entirely with a Douglas Fir post and beam frame like 'Kettles'.

After the experience of my first two houses and research carried out into earlier solar houses built in Britain, built during the 50's, I had refined the idea of the greenhouse covering a large proportion of the south-west facade, and natural convection moving warm air into every room upstairs, and the sun being able to penetrate into every corner. Again the Local District Council recommended that the design should be refused, but they were overruled by the County Council.

It was very economical to build, and took 2 men (Mr AT Saunders and son, Stanley) only 4 months to the point where I took over to do the finishes and fittings. The prefabricated frame only took 4 days for them to erect. The total cost was 11,000 pounds. It was instrumented and when I went to work at Sheffield University, analysed the hourly temperatures and energy consumption. It was a totally 'passive' house and was comfortable summer and winter. With great regret, we had to sell it and move to Sheffield. But we retained a part of the land, and ten years later I designed my parents a house on the site (Moya).