greenart guide
A selective guide to websites which show the work of creative artists concerned with ecology, nature, environmental and social issues in their themes or in the techniques they use; ecological exhibitions; green places to visit and ecological ways of getting there (and some artists called Green).
  • graphic artists and printmakers developing and using non-toxic etching, electrolytic and non-polluting procedures and methods that are safer and healthier.
  • tapestry and fibre art makers using natural fibres and ecological themes; artists creating installations in natural settings and of environmental interest.
  • painters, sculptors and installation artists using organic, natural, sustainable or recycled materials.
  • craftsmen and craftswomen working with natural and organic materials. jewellers, enamellers and ceramic artists using non toxic and sustainable methods.
  • architects creating ecological and bioclimatic buildings, using solar or other renewable energy sources and designers of all kinds sensitive to the ecological content and consequences of their work.
  • photographers exploring nature, pollution and environmental issues; poetry or written works about ecology and the environment.
  • green organisations or discussion and blog sites generally concerned with the values and issues of ecology and the environment.
  • events, courses and festivals of ecological art.
  • green places to go, and ecological ways of travelling.

All submitted sites are examined and carefully reviewed, so if you are an artist and have an interesting site or know of any suitable ones, please send the details for review and free inclusion. On-line shops selling some 'green' products, cannot be considered (click here for criteria for inclusion).


Green Building


Marion Osher

Anne Alexander


Michel Gerber

Stone Circle

Floating Land


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