I created this site in 1998 to expand the links that I had accumulated on my own Green Prints non-toxic printmaking site. It has grown slowly to include more categories, and attracted a flood of suggestions which has recently become a deluge, which I cannot now handle.

Very many suggestions are from online shops that sell 'green' products that are not specifically for artists, but of interest to anybody wishing to have a more ecological lifestyle. Up to this point I have tried to include them, but now I have had to draw the line, in order to concentrate on the sites of and for artists and creators. There are now many other sites that are directories of online shops for sustainable products, and very few that feature the creative ecological work of artists and designers, or offer things specifically for artists or craftspersons..

So with this change to the policy of inclusion, I am hoping that the number of suggestions will be reduced to give me more time to catch up on the backlog of sites to review. The sites already included will remain, but I hope that you will not be disappointed if this category will no longer be expanded.

Sometimes sites disappear because they change their name or for other reasons, and the link returns an error. I have created an Archive page where I put the names of sites that returned an error, but deleted the original links, so if your site has changed its URL, or is not picked up by my original link,, please let me know, and I will correct it and put it back.

Cedric Green 2018


Last revised - 10-may-18