Michel Gerber - Architecte - "Développement durable" et la notion de "bâtiment à haute qualité environnementale". Ce travail à la fois de recherche et de production porte sur des domaines d'intervention divers tels que habitat, tertiaire, bâtiments scolaires,… par la mise en œuvre des concepts et des techniques de construction bioclimatique, par l'éclairage naturel des espaces de travail, par le contrôle des ambiances. Cette site est partagé avec plusiers architectes avec les mêmes idées. This site in French shows the work of an architect who made "bioclimatic" architecture a household word.. http://www.atelier-e.com/mobile_l_equipe.php


The Eye house - Sintra, Portugal

Amancio Guedes is an architect, a sculptor, a painter, and many other things. He is known familiarly to many people as Pancho Guedes. His organic, exuberant, eclectic, complex and thoughtful buildings and projects have been published occasionally, but they have not been sufficiently recognised for their quality and originality. His visual imagination absorbed every influence, from the art of Africa to the Surrealists, and synthesised them into a style which is recognisably his own, however varied the results appear at first glance. He was a post-modern 20 years before the term was invented, and he is still active, working in Portugal now, inventing new buildings, painting and sculpting out a home on a steep hillside near Sintra in Portugal. This website, created by Cedric Green, is intended to provide information about his extraordinary architecture and other work, and to begin a growing archive. It shows a lot of his drawings and photographs of his work, his recent retrospective exhibitions in Switzerland, and Lisbon, and contains a biographical essay, and other documents about him. ...http://www.guedes.info


Moya - view from the south

Moya - view from the south

Green Houses - a selection of low energy and solar houses designed by Cedric Green, and built between 1965 and 2010, including Paxton Court in Sheffield, UK - 14 self-build hybrid solar houses, which was based on the design which won 2nd prize in the 1st European Passive Solar competition in 1980. Also shown are 2 projects for students of architecture to build, one of which was awarded 3rd prize in a Japanese international competition. All of the houses shown are largely timber framed structures with a high levels of insulation and very large solar greenhouses off which all the rooms can open. This website includes Delta and Moya, on adjoining sites in Charsfield, Suffolk, UK. http://greenart.info/greenhouses/

Building a Solar House - in France, Cedric Green built himself a ecological and bioclimatic house, starting in 2007, and recorded each step of the 'self-build' process. This is an annotated picture record, a series of albums of photographs, following the progress of the project, from its inception to completion, recording the details of construction, the setbacks, the frustrations, the rewards, the delays, the changes of direction, the incidents and accidents along the way.The house is finished now (2012) and the latest posts show the finished house and beginnings of external works.This site is a useful source of information for anyone interested in French methods of ecological construction.. http://greenart.info/theves/
Green House Maison Verte - site en français sur la maison ecologique et bioclimatique construit par Cedric Green en France entre 2007 et 2010 "... Nous avons décidé d'investir toutes nos ressources et nos énergies à faire une petite contribution personnelle, en changeant notre mode de vie et en exprimant à faire ce que je savais - construction d'une maison écologique. Bien sûr il y avait un élément égoïste, parce que je pense que bientôt le concurrance international pour contrôle des ressources de pétrole et de gaz conduirait à flambée des prix de l'energie..." http://greenart.info/thevesfr/index.html


"Haus der Zukunft" at the Gardening Exposition of Upper Austria

Architekturbüro Sture Larsen - Sture Larsen is an independent architect working in Vorarlberg, Austria. His most outstanding works have been focused on solar and low-energy buildings. His work with developing methods of building affordable low energy housing brought him several awards beginning with the Binding Award for Environmental Conservation, 1989, and culminating in the Austrian State Award for Energy Research in 1997. His site shows many examples of solar buildings he has designed.. http://www.solarsen.com/e/start-e.htm




Green Art is an innovative, reliable and efficient 'design-and-build' landscape business  located right on the border between New Hampshire and Maine, Their work. including plans for stonework, infrastructure, planting layout, specialty gardens, consultation regarding all aspects of landscaping, such as efficient beautification of a property in preparation for a sale - stone masonry including walkways and patios, driveways, wallsand other landscape installations- planting of gardens including professional soil preparation in order to obtain ideal growing conditions. The creator of this business, Thomas Berger is a sculptor whose work is exhibited in his studio garden. He is concerned about ecology and is a keen cyclist and environmentalist.. http://www.greenart.com/ and http://www.greenart.com/bergerstoneart/index.html


Zuma Creations by artist Kevin Sutton now produces handmade, one of a kind, original designs using eco-friendly, energy efficient LED bulbs and repurposed bottles and glass receptacles. "Rustic Sophistication", is what these lamps are about. In each lamp, the touch of the artist's hand is evident. While earning a MFA from Pratt Institute, Kevin's areas of focus was equally divided between painting and sculpture. The common thread was a love of color, light and process. The lamps are an extension of  these interests, while also expressing his concern for the environment. A admiration for the Arts and Crafts movement, their reaction against an increasingly technological society, and their commitment to the marriage of form and fuction had a huge influence on his creative philosophy. All lights are made to order. The customer works directly with the artist to discuss their particular needs. Imaginative use of recycling to produce very low energy lighting. See also Kevin Sutton's relief constructions using recycled materials, which has occupied him for years past .. http://www.zumacreations.com/


Helen Green - (Bright Green Design) - 3 dimensional design and computer modelling - Trained at Hull University, Bristol Old Vic theatre school, and Wimbledon Art College, she has 15 years of experience in all fields of set and costume design for theatre, television drama and dance. She designs exhibitions, conference sets and produces photorealistic computer rendered architectural perspectives and animations. She also makes masks and puppets for theatre and opera and has taught design and prop-making part time at Exeter University. She works freelance, designing and modelling. Her website is very well illustrated with her latest work and is mobile friendly... http://www.brightgreen.info



Henley Offices produces a range of small office buildings primarily for those who work at home, mostly of prefabricated insulated timber construction. They are in Wokingham, Berks. and one of the largest manufacturers in the industry in the UK, with nearly 170,000 sq. ft. of modern, computer-controlled production and warehousing facilities. Henley Offices have featured in many magazines and newspaper articles, all reproduced on their website, which is well illustrated, with current prices and delivery times. ...http://www.henleyoffices.com/

InsideOut Garden Offices produce housing-quality, eco-friendly garden buildings: stylish garden offices and granny flats, and sumptuous en-suite studios. Their garden offices require minimal heating, no air conditioning and consume little electricity. InsideOut garden offices,studios and granny flats are architect-designed, personally project-managed and sensitively built with eco-friendly materials. They are very well insulated, double-glazed and voluntarily built to Building Regulation standards for new homes and public buildings. All their garden office and accommodation buildings are carefully finished with environmentally friendly larch cladding, grown in carefully managed woodland in Scotland and Northumbria, and are finished with individually nailed cedar roofing shingles that mellow with the years. Browse this nicely designed site to see an admirably modest approach to building in an eco-friendly way. http://www.iobuild.co.uk/


Glass is Green is a Saint Gobain glass initiative. "...A green building can be defined as any building that is sited, designed, constructed, operated and maintained for the health and well-being of the occupants, while minimizing impact on the environment. "... The site extolls the green properties of glass in controlling overheating, reducing lighting and heating bills by letting in daylight and sunlight. The site is commercial but full of useful information for green designers... http://www.glassisgreen.com


Arcosanti 5000 Site Plan : Paolo Soleri

Arcosanti - Arcosanti is a growing city in the Arizona desert designed according to the concept of arcology (architecture + ecology), developed by Italian architect Paolo Soleri. In an arcology, the built and the living interact as organs would in a highly evolved being. This means many systems work together, with efficient circulation of people and resources, multi-use buildings, and solar orientation for lighting, heating and cooling. Greenhouses provide gardening space for public and private use, and act as solar collectors for winter heat. Arcosanti is also an educational process. The five week workshop program teaches building techniques and arcological philosophy, while continuing the city's construction. Volunteers and students come from around the world. People of many varied interests and backgrounds are all contributing their valuable time and skills to the project. ...http://www.arcosanti.org/




Environmental Design Library - Green Design / Sustainable Architecture: Information Sources. Sustainably designed buildings aim to lessen their impact on our environment through energy and resource efficiency. This guide will lead you to information on this topic and give you strategies for locating newer materials as they become available. Materials are in the Environmental Design Library, UC Berkeley.... http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/ENVI/GreenAll.html