Robbie Wild Hudson grew up in the English Lake District, and studied Fine Art at Newcastle University, and currently lives and works in Berlin. His practice uses different forms and concepts of journeys to structure and inspire the artworks of each series. Each project varies from endurance swims, treks and runs through the summits and lakes of the Atlas Mountains, Indian Himalayas, Australian Outback and the Scottish Highlands to name a few.
He traces a line through a landscape and follows that course, experiencing a place physically, mentally and emotionally before he tries to map it artistically. Literature, writing, Land Art and travel are important influences in his life and work. He is also passionate about re-wilding processes, and the protection and preservation of the natural world and the animal kingdom.
His website shows paintings, drawings and some inkjet prints created after reflection and studies following his swims and travels.... (click to continue on opening page)


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Debi Waller is a British eco-artist living and working in France. Using natural and recycled materials, her work mixes techniques and mediums in a variety of styles, from representational landscapes to abstract. She uses plants to make paper, which areoften incorporated in to her collages, as well as bespoke books....She spends a lot of time experimenting with plants and other natural materials as well as considering the uses of all waste household products (before they hit the bin). She uses natural earth and mineral pigments - sometimes these are bought prepared from the ocre quarries of Roussillon or from Kremer Pigmente in Germany, but other times they are picked up off the roadside, out of fields or in the garden, and taken back to the studio to be ground into fine powders....Her pigments are often bound with the use of natural materials such as egg yolk or soya milk. And to finish a painting she uses the totally non-toxic varnishes from Ecos Organic Paints from the UK...She makes paper from plants such as maize leaves, leeks, garlic, onions, carrots. She makes vegetable papyrus using a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, many of which she grows in her garden...She uses wire and paper to make sculptures.......

This well designed and attractively illustrated website (in English and French)shows a consistent commitment to the use of found, recycled and natural materials in art that reflects the ecology of the environment where she lives and works..
debi waller

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Sarah Morrish is an artist and illustrator specialising in the natural world. Her fascination and passion for illustrating the natural world stems from childhood and combined with her having worked in the field of conservation, her artwork depicts natural forms in a variety of media. Watercolour is the predominant medium she uses, but her detailed work is also portrayed using acrylics on natural linen canvas and gouache on tinted paper.  In addition she often explores the world of printmaking, producing hand cut and printed lino-cuts, several of which have been published in a poetry anthology about freshwater birds. She holds the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Certificate in Botanical Illustration and has been a full exhibiting member of the Society of Floral Painters since 2000. Her most recent artwork can be seen at the Rum’s Eg Gallery in Romsey, Hampshire; at Grafham Water Nature Reserve in Cambridgeshire and is also reproduced onto fine ceramic ware by Jayne Chapman Design Ltd. Sarah also shares her passion and skills teaching botanical art and natural history illustration, for the Hants & IOW Wildlife Trust, Peter Symonds College AHED in Winchester and at Paxton Pits Nature Reserve, Cambridgeshire. Visit this site to see beautiful artwork inspired by natural forms, flora and fauna, and don't miss her sketchbooks ....





Cassandra Tondro creates 'art with a conscience' in Santa Monica, CA, US"...Because of my love of nature and my concern about the environment, I have been exploring the use of natural and recycled materials in my art for many years. My abstract paintings are created using leftover house paint that would otherwise go to waste and potentially end up in a landfill. My colorful ecoprints are made by steaming leaves against paper. No inks, dyes or paints are used -- just the colors from the plants themselves...." Well illustrated site showing her colourful paintings whose technique is like marbling - see also her ecoprints ....

Janet Glatz paints contemporary realism with environmentally pointed messages."...I have made these works in order to speak to the sometimes harsh, sometimes beneficial relationship between sea and humanity, while at the same time to convey the often confounding dichotomy between beauty and tragedy, failure and triumph. As a life-long Maine resident, I find it hard to conceive of a future without the sea as we know it, the shorelines that protect us, or the thick forests that sustain our wildlife..."
The subjects of her highly competent and eloquent realistic paintings bear witness to her ecological convictions

Hester Berry is an English artist in Sussex who feels that "artists have an obligation to work responsibly and sustainably so that we can exploit the discipline as a vehicle for raising awareness and influencing a wider audience". Her fantastical landfill constructs are a meditation on the convoluted nature of modern life, as well as an illustration of the idea that pollution of every description encroaches on our fragile and overburdened environment. Her painting is therefore an attempt to connect the visual and culturally familiar experience of the landscape with its visceral, reflexive equivalent, so that the viewer can identify with the pleasures of the existing but endangered 'great outdoors', and also become more aware of issues which imperil our fragile and beautiful planet.
Her multilayered and colourful paintings are rich in suggestive imagery
implying a criticism of our waste producing society and its destruction of the natural environment. She also paints landscapes in a technique of thick impasto that expressive a intense feeling for their beauty


Ann Hart Marquis is a nature lover. "...Since childhood I have been in awe of nature. Nature is overpoweringly grand, a force to be revered. Nature evokes emotions, feelings of reverence and grace. I am deeply concerned about the fragility of the environment....Trees are a particular inspiration. They are primeval, fixed, grounded. For these reasons it feels natural that we may learn wisdom from them. Trees inspire me by their size, diversity, longevity and perseverance. I am also inspired by color and the way colors interact with each other. Color allows me to explore the drama and spirituality of nature. It helps tell a story. " Her attractive site shows how her colourful paintings express her love of trees as living things - follow her blog as well...




Leah Fanning Mebane is a former professional ballet and modern dancer who has turned to abstract painting. She is also founder of Natural Earth Paints. "My recent work began with the desire to continue to paint with oils, but without solvent, toxic paints or unsustainable materials. This soon evolved into also finding my own earth pigments; incorporating ashes from our wood stove; adding creek sand, marble dust and granite dust into the paints; using local walnut oils and exploring sustainable surfaces.... This then lead me into a deeper connection with our natural world as I left the studio and made a connection with these materials..." Her 'playful' colourful and lively paintings are expressions of movement and her feelings for nature, on a well presented site, and her paints are for sale on another site.... and


Honevo is an thoughtful artist artist based in Spain whose paintings try to express the cultural paradigm of creating art in a culture that destroys its environment. "...Can such a culture be in fact a culture, when it is so insensitive? Is this a culture or is it just garbage?. . After years of campaigning for our ecosystem we have all agreed to create a museum of natural memory...We made archives to remember all that disappeared ... the trophy of poachers, of those whose skeletons and roots remain below the earth...."
A stylish site made with Adobe Flash, with attractive and thought provoking images and statement, and links to videos on Vimeo..

Sandra Dowd is a Minneapolis figurative painter and performance artist whose recent works merge the human form into the shapes of peeling birch trees.She says "I hope that by combining the trees with human attributes that the viewing public would bond with and be more respectful of trees and nature. Perhaps they would realize we are all one...The face and body have always fascinated me....I see life's primary essence as the struggle to create balance between opposites. I find that same struggle when creating art. In my work I try to walk the fine line between spontaneity and control..." A well illustrated site of a very talented and expressive artist..


Diana Ritter creates artwork using 3 " floppy disks. All are one-of-a-kind pieces made from floppy disks and other recycled material. With the continuous advancement of computers and technology, floppy disks have become obsolete and there is nothing that can be done with them except load landfills and destroy our environment. Now, instead of adding to the destruction of our environment these disks have become unique art that can last a lifetime - wall hangings, photo frames, single disk fun stuff.. "It's a great way to have unique conversational pieces of art while helping the environment at the same time".

Marian Osher , a printmaker and painter, born in Philadelphia, has lived in Montgomery County, Maryland most of her life. Osher's artwork has been shown in numerous exhibits in the U.S. as well as in the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, the Museum of Modern Art in Argentina and shows in Brazil, Belgium and India..."I feel a calling to express my concern and use my art as an aesthetic vehicle for helping to raise awareness of environmental red flags. I have chosen to use solvent free water-soluble media to highlight a diverse range of environmental issues including global warming, threatened biodiversity, forest destruction, mountain top removal, and light and noise pollution" A well designed and atractive site showing work that testifies to a real concern for environmental issues ....



Allyson Wright, is using her talents to express her own heartfelt philosophy on climate change. She is creating art that draws attention to global warming and positive ways to offset carbon emissions, while trying to encourage a more pro-active attitude in the face of global change. She is committed to creating carbon negative artwork, and giving back more than is taken from the planet, literally creating green art. "My abstract art work is often done in impasto oils, and these days I use the new 'water based' oil paints, which don't need turpentine thinners or white spirits, so they are gentle on the environment." She offsets the carbon footprint of her work by tree planting, the principle being to put back more than is taken out. Her work reflects the wild beauty of our planet and at the same time communicate the importance of safeguarding this natural beauty for the future. Allyson Wright
Earth Fire Rising


NivesCicin-Sain - is a Croatian artist making unique sculptures out of recycled waste materials using the papier-mache technique. She also designs masks, props and head-dresses for theatre performances. In addition Nives illustrates children's books and designs picture postcards. She was born in Split in 1961 and since 1989 has been working as an independent artist, participating in 14 independent and 42 group exhibitions, both in Croatia and abroad. A stylish and attractive well illustrated website... Nives Cinin-Sain


Rona Green is a visual artist and printmaker based in Melbourne, Australia. A fancier of characters and the absurd, her work examines the darker side of the psyche. "Drawn with deliberate clumsiness her boogie-men and flawed misfits possess a certain touching vulnerability and sexless, adolescent awkwardness... Green's flawed outcasts and weirdos are condemned to a solitary existence in friendless, empty landscapes and interiors...The most tender images are those depicting an attempt at contact that never, however, manages to get beyond a tentative shadow cast by an outstretched arm..." She works in a variety of media - etchings and aquatint, woodcut, monotypes, linocuts and digital prints... Rona Green





Walter Spies (1895-1942) - Russian born, German artist who settled in the colonial Dutch East Indies from 1923 until his untimely death in 1942. He spent the early years in Java, but from 1927 onwards he lived in and around the village of Ubud in Bali. He was active in many areas of artistic and scientific endeavour and Spies, along with the Dutch artist Rudolf Bonnet, has been attributed with influencing the work of local Balinese artists, causing them to work in more modern genres and making their work more palatable for the fairly narrow tastes of Western tourists of the time and since. The site created by Geff Green, who is researching the work of Spies for his PhD at Sheffield Hallam University, has a very good selection of images of Spies work...


GreenLife Gallery is a gallery for a collaboration of artists deeply rooted in sustainability, founded by Pam and Chris Wagoner who selectively promote the creators of consumable, functional and fine art that is environmentally and socially responsible. Their featured creations are produced using organic, reclaimed, recycled, found and otherwise renewable resources or processes.
"The finest art of all is that which dances in balance with nature." "I want to be sure that my artistic expression is applied to something that doesn't compromise the environment or community where it originates..". An attractive site showing high quality crafted things for sale"

Agora Gallery Is located in Soho, New York City, in the hub of gallery buildings and museums including the Alternative Museum, the New Museum and the Soho branch of the Guggenheim Museum. The Gallery is known for showing a variety of original artwork and provides art-consulting services to private and corporate collectors....

TOP LIST / MENU - provides contemporary art for sale to collectors, consultants, architects and interior designers, providing an opportunity to view and purchase fine art for their art projects. Mediums include: paintings, sculpture, photography, drawings, mixed media, digital art, ceramics, fiber, works on paper, oil, watercolor, art prints, as well as other fine art mediums in a price range that can accommodate most budget requirements. Only some of the artists represented use ecological techniques or draw on themes from the natural world, but all the art is well presented and visually stimulating.... - a new online museum of environmental art, advances creative efforts to improve our relationship with the natural world. Our goal is to inform, inspire and connect people through environmental art and encourage the creation of new work that serves our communities and ecosystems. The site has three main sections: Artist Section presents images and documentation of artwork, writings and online exhibitions. Community provides a full listing of Events, Opportunities, and Links....

A typical example of an artist's work on this site are the impressive stone and earth sculptures of New Zealand artist, Chris Booth. They are feats of balancing, engineering and a widely conceived sense of place. Stacked stone forms refer to their origins in volcanos or river banks and are often gathered in consultation with representatives of local indigenous people...


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