Go Graph Stock Photography offers over 18 million affordable royalty free stock photos, illustrations, vector clip art and royalty-free footage clips. Their database contains images on a wide variety of topics including a large environment section. They can be viewed for free or purchased for any project. They are great for students all the way up to professionals. and could be a great resource when they are researching, learning, designing, creating, or working on a project!... http://www.gograph.com/stock-photo-images/environment.html gograph stock photos


Diane Tuft is a mixed media artist who has focused primarily on photography since 1998. Tuft lives and works in New York City...... She has always been fascinated by the mystery of what exists beyond the visible; and capturing this through her camera has been a guiding principle of her work....In 2012, Tuft was awarded a National Science Foundation Artist and Writers grant to continue her exploration of light beyond the visible spectrum in Antarctica.....Tuft ‘s installation, “Internal Reflection”, was exhibited at the Katonah Museum of Art in New York and at Art L.A. in Santa Monica, California. The exhibit was a combination of photography, sculpture, light and sound that explored the resonance between reflection of image and refraction of light. In 2008... Tuft’s work can be found in the permanent collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art and the International Center of Photography in New York City, and the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill NY, as well as numerous private collections.

This site shows photographs that are mostly abstract, sometimes aerial, of extreme environments like Greenland and Antarctica; they are beautiful, thought provoking and brilliant . There are videos from installations and a preview of a book "Gondwanaland"
- http://www.gondwanabook.com/.. ...http://dianetuft.com/

diane tuft

diane tuft


Can Stock Photo offer professional royalty free stock photography at affordable prices. If you need an image for advertising, presentations, brochures, or just decoration, they have them. They offer free weekly downloads with thousands of new images added every week.
The galleries have a huge number of images of ecological interest (over 13000) - just search with your keywords

Fotosearch has an extensive photography and video footage database which includes tens of thousands of images on such topics as the environment, pollution, nature, recycling, renewable energy, and more. Fotosearch's photography has been featured in many world-wide publications including Newsweek, People Magazine, the New York Times, and a PBS article alongside the EPA as a useful resource for photography showing the effects of pollution on our planet...Just type in your search words and find images on any environmental subject most of which can be downloaded and used royalty free. ...http://www.fotosearch.com/


GreenStrides is a place to discover environmentally-friendly products and practices for the home and office. Whatever your lifestyle, there are many ways to make your home life or time at the office more green..... Contributing editor and founder of GreenStrides, JoyceB, has earned her Certificate in Sustainable Design. "I decided to start GreenStrides as a way to combine my interests in architecture and interior design with my passion for the environment. It's my goal to share ideas, tips, articles, news, and conversations to make it easier to become more eco-friendly". Not many pictures but good links and items...http://www.greenstrides.com/

Crafty Green Poet - Environmental poetry, reviews and opinions. Plus ideas for crafts made from reused materials. All by Juliet Wilson. An example - "Nothing ends - all transforms,/ changes direction like a river bends./ Day becomes night, bodies decompose/ to feed roses, freeing spirits to roam./ When the earth dies (whether at our hands / or after peaceful millenia orbiting a dying star) / atoms from Amazonian rainforests / will become part of some magnificent beings / we cannot imagine on a helium atmosphered planet / so far away it seems beyond / the end of space". Good links to eco and poetry sites......http://craftygreenpoet.blogspot.com/

Martin Hill is an internationally recognised communications designer, environmental artist, and photographer. His design work has won awards and is featured in international galleries. His environmental sculpture photographs have been published on cards, posters, calendars and books since 1995. "In 1992 I became so concerned about products causing environmental damage because of their unsustainable design that I turned my focus to understanding and communicating about solutions to these design issues .... The use of the circle refers to nature's cyclical system which is now being used as a model for industrial ecology... redesigning products and industrial processes as closed loops - materials that can't safely be retuned to nature will be continually turned into new products..." .An extremely well designed and visually pleasing site (as one should expect) with photographs for sale online...http://www.martin-hill.com/

Mark Fischer - the Shape of the Sound - digital signals from whales, dolphins and a variety of birds are processed to make visual art, many in the form of 'mandalas' or symmetrical circular patterns onto paper or aluminium. "My art explores subtlety and nuance in sound, mostly with the sounds of cetaceans and birds. While doing so sometimes I encounter other fun things...". A most unusual site of beautiful images that are hard to classify - photography, painting, digital art ?... http://www.aguasonic.com/Art

A periodic segment of the song of the Minke Whale Balenoptera acutorostrata; graphic generated using wavelet analysis; plotted in polar coordinates. Aquasonic image by Mark Fischer

Nita Winter and Bob Badger - Nita Winter's photographic passion began during her senior year at Clark University where she earned a degree in biology. In 1976 Nita moved to San Francisco and began to document her work fighting fires and leading tours on Alcatraz Island while working for the National Parks Service. In her words: "I thoroughly enjoy recording candid moments in people's lives, especially those of children. For 40 years.


Bob Badger
, an environmental activist, instructor, lecturer and photographer, has recorded the beauty of the earth and its accelerating destruction. His mastery of light and color, and his ability to emotionally portray the essence of a place in time, has won him international awards for his Antarctica series, and "Best in Journalism" for his evocative environmental photography, work that is simultaneously beautiful and disturbing.
, http://www.nitawinter.com/ http://www.winterbadger.com/home


The Full Montage - Sheffield as it never was, in 1977- a series of photomontages by architect Cedric Green, putting sculpture in public places, a wry commentary on some of the new and old architecture and the lack of art. Exhibited at the Mappin gallery in 1977 and the Royal Society of Arts in London in 1989. Many of the objects used are household objects like a tap and a cheese-grater, blown-up to fantastic sizes, some are more exotic items like musical instruments and some are photographs of sculptures and maquettes by Cedric Green himself; all used to create a surreal but almost feasible city. The main interest in these images lies in their content and meaningfulness as a group recording what was and wasn't public art in Sheffield at that time and exploring the relationship between public art and architecture.....

cheese marketing board office

Earth from Above - Yann Arthus-Bertrand - A series of stunning aerial photographs from around the world published as a best-selling book whose excellent text describes the ecological significance of the images. The captions to the pictures he has taken over many years are a frightening commentary on the ways in which the environment is being degraded and the world is suffering from pollution and over expoitation. The beauty of the pictures is in stark contrast to the awful consequences of human destruction - see the pictures from the Middle East countries. A site to linger over for hours...http://www.yannarthusbertrand.com/



François Pradignac - This is the personal site of a French photographer - very nicely designed and visual, so universally comprehensible. His subjects are the people, animals, landscapes and townscapes of the region where he lives and works - Limousin and Poitou/Charentes. His works are in black and white and he extracts the poetry of the subjects with suberb technical skill and presentation... 20-may-18rtz

Joanne Chilton - Fine Art Photographer Her artistic endeavors range from abstract painting, poetry to photography. The style that she most connects and works with is Miksang Contemplative Photography. Miksang means "Good Eye" in Tibetan.. http://www.mindfulcreations.com joanne chilton

Gabriel Dinim lives in a remote and sparsely populated area in the Purcell Mountains of Canada where he built the first straw bale house on the East Shore of Kootenay Lake. He produces zany and tragic B & W tableaux, social commentaries, and evocative winter landscapes and beautiful nudes. He uses green practices in his darkroom and studio, and tries to offer imagery conducive to reflection and inspiration... http://www.lightmountainphotography.com

MUSE The Museum of Universal Self Expression is a non-profit arts and social service organization. They provide a studio where a psychiatric survivor may discover and develop his or her own creative path. They provide a place where art making is practiced for personal growth and healing, communication, relaxation, and to bring about social change by eliminating the stigma associated with mental illness. By providing creative enrichment opportunities MUSE contributes to the arts with a variety of possibilities for the Chicago mental health community and beyond. Diane Green writes "I continuously see mental health comsumers freeing themselves from a corporate drug snare with their arts". A site hard to classify but worth including for its aims fall into the realm of mental health ecology (def. Gregory Bateson)...http://www.callmecrazy.org/

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