Trefeglwys Printmaking studio,  is a small but fully equipped environment for relief, lithography and intaglio printmaking. Based in Mid Wales situated in the beautiful Trannon Valley, they offer printmaking in Relief, Intaglio Etching and Direct Lithography to all levels of experience, providing workshops across all the disciplines. Once you have completed an induction you can become a member of the studio. This enables you to use the studio at your leisure. The aims of the workshop are to offer a rare opportunity for experienced printmakers to work with specialized equipment. We can also provide tuition for those who wish to learn or to brush up on one of the three disciplines. You can book courses from as little as £45 per day including all ink and sundries. They also provide evening classes and weekend courses which also include lunch with discounts for group bookings. They can also organize accommodation for those who need it.

Andrew Baldwin created the studio, and specialises in promoting his non-toxic ink-based etching ground called "BIG" which he promotes via his studio courses, website and videos on YouTube .....


baldwin big


Lynn Bailey is an artist and printmaker in Devon UK, whose prints are inspired by plants and the the natural landscape. Her collagraphs often are made with plants, inked and forming part of the matrix; She worked with Simon Ripley in setting up and establishing Double Elephant Print Workshop (1997).She has been involved with experimenting with environmentally friendly, innovative and experimental techniques.She has a particular interest in etching. She writes"...There is still the same alchemy and excitement with acrylic resist etching as for traditional etching but without the need to use organic solvents and other hazardous materials. ..... Though my work I strive to express something about the physicality of a landscape and use it as metaphor for the vitality of change and renewal as well as a comment on how we interact with the land......An important part of creating my artwork is the collection of samples and materials from areas I’m studying. I gather plants, litter and soil samples and use them in the printing process. ... Collagraphs and photo techniques also open more options for incorporating real objects and samples collected from sites of study....".." This is a very interesting site showing a lot of work imbued with a feeling for nature and plants, and with illustration of her methods of making prints


Label Estampe is a collective of printmakers living and working in North Aquitaine, France, some of whose members have have embraced non-toxic methods, thanks to attendance at workshops given by Cedric Green, one of the group. The others are Marie Alemand Ribot, Florence Beudin Lesaint, Janet Cintas, Laurence Jérome, Gérard Jullien, Rosalind Lindsay, Les Lindsay, and Robert Middleton.

Les membres de ce collectif, ont fait connaissance et se sont réunis en fin 2010, non seulement avec l'objectif d'exposer leurs oeuvres ensemble, mais aussi de faire connaître et reconnaître les différentes techniques des imprimeurs-artistes. Ce qu'ils ont en commun c'est qu'ils créent leurs oeuvres à partir de différentes techniques d'imprimerie, que ce soit la gravure sur métal, la lithographie, la sérigraphie, ou encore la gravure sur bois.

This website (in French) shows a selection of their work, pictures of their exhibitions, and descriptions of all the techniques they use. ...

Cedric Green - artist/printmaker - Based in France he makes contemporary etchings, relief prints, monotypes, and collages, using new non-toxic electrolytic, electrochemical and safe etching and proofing techniques which he has developed (see Green Prints). The examples of prints shown here mark recent stages in the development of an individual technique which uses a wide range of methods - copper and zinc plates printed in intaglio and relief, monotypes, sometimes combined in the same print. A recurring theme is Atlantis, Plato's mythical utopia destroyed by flood as a punishment for their arrogance - a relevant myth for our time. Many of his pictures are based on the abiguity, distortions and complexity of reflections in water or in the imperfect mirror of memory...

Ses estampes sont souvent basées sur la complexité spatiale des reflets des objets dans l'eau ou dans le miroir imparfait de la mémoire. Pendant plusieurs années il s'occupe beaucoup de développement de techniques qui ne sont pas dangereuses pour la santé ou pour l'environnement, et il n'utilise ni les acides ni les solvants ou chimiques toxiques. Les plaques sont en cuivre ou en zinc et gravées utilisant la technique électrolytique dit "galvano gravure", et teintées avec une technique qu'il développe, dite "fractinte". Il trouve un nouveau mordant électrochimique pour le zinc qu'il nomme "mordant Bordeaux" Les techniques nouvelles sont décrites en détail dans un livret gratuit ayant pour titre "Green Prints", et aussi dans un website avec le même titre.

Penne print by Cedric green
Fleurs Imaginaires

Don Braisby is an illustrator, painter and printmaker using many different techniques. He is researching non-toxic electrolytic techniques for etching and plating"...I have been drawing since I can remember. "....I learned the power of drawing as a group communication tool when working on a joint planning exercise with some people with learning disabilities. This experience was confirmed and reinforced in conversations with David Sibett, the founding father of Graphic Facilitation a couple of years prior to setting up my own business. Working closely with colleagues from VistaConsulting enabled me to bring together my management experience, knowledge of group dynamics and drawing skills and evolve my own meeting graphics style...." His sites illustrate the many facets of his work including recent experiments in electrolytic plate making, and collages of copper-plated aluminium and card.. .. and

L'Occhio dell'Incisore Questo sito è dedicato all'arte dell'incisione e della stampa, ai suoi procedimenti tecnici e alla storia dei maestri che sono stati i protagonisti del Novecento.
(This site is dedicated to the art of engraving and printing, its technical processes and the history of the masters who were the protagonists of the twentieth century.)
Fabiola Mercandetti and Marco Innocenzi, Italian artists and etchers, living and working in Rome, have created this animated and intriguing site, (in Italian) filled with information and examples of work. Fabiola has committed herself to research into new and old non-toxic methods of etching, and in promoting them among printmakers in Italy, writing articles and conducting workshops. This site is well worth a visit for the illustrations, even if Flash prevents a full translation .

Cassandra Tondro is an artist who paints using 'repurposed' leftover paints to make colourful abstract paintings expressing her ecological convictions, and whose interest in nature led her to learn about plants that are used to dye fabrics and yarns. When gathering plant material for the dyes, she noticed that certain leaves stain the sidewalk permanently. She did some experiments with these leaves, printing the leaves onto paper, which is more dense than fabric, and these first ecoprints were stunning. Using fallen leaves, flowers and seed pods collected on neighborhood walks , she creates one-of-a-kind ecoprints through a unique multi-step process that involves soaking, steaming and drying. On the way to the trash, the plant material takes a detour through her studio to leave its imprint as art before being tossed onto the compost heap. "The ecoprints have an ethereal feel. They beckon us to slow down, quiet our minds, take a closer look, and appreciate the spirit of the plants. The colors of the prints are a whisper of reality, their patterns a pale and delicate gift at the end of the leaves' brief lives". Her professionally made site presents her attractive work, invites comments, and sells her prints and originals...

Loquat leaves - ecoprint on watercolor paper 8 x 10 inches


Sue Corr is a printmaker, painter, photographer and maker of artists' books, currently working in Glasgow. "...I am indirectly inspired by nature and open spaces and for the past few years an obsession with ice and snow has woven into the fabric of my work. Media such as photography, film, print and drawing contribute towards my image making and a final piece. Exploiting the use of digital photography in the first instance (my) work currently engages with the notion of isolation, movement and fragility using the formal qualities of light, layers, line and space to express ideas..." Her site shows a much of her varied and interesting work, and contains a blog that follows her progress and the evolution of individual works...

Caroline Bouguereau is a printmaker, sculptor, painter and ceramic artist with a training in glass blowing. Born in 1975 in Provence, Caroline Bouguereau has studied Art History in Paris at the Sorbonne before training as a sculptor in Rome with artist Giuseppe Gallo working on bronze casting. She then developed her practice through study in the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London where she produced her first bio-art pieces inspired by Galileo Galilei's Dialogue concerning the two chief world systems from 1632..... Her art works since her earliest projects have been inspired by natural curiosities, by the organic world or more generally by biological forms.... Drawing has always been for her an important part of the art process in any of her projects. She found the technique of etching an engaging intersection between drawing and working with metals... She re-discovered an alternative process to produce etchings using low voltage electricity to etch her plates and print them only with non- chemicals products to achieve an organic processed work. One of her etching is on permanent exhibition at the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles...The Natural History museum in Dublin has subsequently been an important point of reference for her. It gave her the opportunity to produce a series of drawings and etchings related to marine life using its collection and library...... Her artwork often explores microscopic details because they constitute a world unknown to the human eye.
This site shows the work of a young and multi-talented artist, currently living and working in Venice....
. projects/2004/unlovely-creatures/


Mark Graver offers non toxic printmaking courses from the Wharepuke Print Studio and Gallery which  is a fully equipped printmaking workshop specialising in non toxic printmaking techniques. Set within the two hectares of the award winning Wharepuke Subtropical Garden on The Stone Store Hill in historic Kerikeri in The Bay of Islands, the studio offers a range of printmaking courses, workshops and services to professional artists and the public. Mark Graver (MA Printmaking Camberwell, London) is the author of the book Non-Toxic Printmaking. (A&C Black, London 2011) Mark was awarded First Prize at the 2010 Lessedra World Art Print competition in Sofia, Bulgaria and has work in public and private collections worldwide. He has run a workshop at the Seacourt Print Workshop in N Ireland. His site has some information about methods and definitions of terms in non-toxic printmaking ...

mark graver

wharepuke studio

Helen Clarke, contemporary Australian printmaker with a passion for the environment. She uses the mediums of etching and reduction linocuts to interpret the Australian landscape, flora and fauna. Her botanical interpretations are widely collected and acclaimed. Helen's current works are detailed hand-coloured etchings of fruits, seeds and pods and complicated reduction lino prints exploring the flora and landscapes of Australia. ".. I am fascinated by the process of seasonal change in the Australian landscape. Careful investigation of the world around me reveals so much that is exciting The varying mediums of printmaking enable me to express my ideas and create images about my local and distant environment which is increasingly fragile and endangered".. A site of special interest to collectors of reduction lino prints . Helen Clarke

Paco Mora - printmaker and painter - a Spanish artist doing photogravure using non-toxic methods. Site in Spanish. "En este taller se darán la mano las más antiguas técnicas de grabado y estampación calcográficos con las más novedosas y populares de la imagen y fotografía digitales: - Se trabajará con la imagen digital obtenida a partir de diferentes periféricos, como las cámaras de fotografía digitales o escáner, como punto de partida para confeccionar una plancha de grabado. - Se aprenderá a manejar el programa de tratamiento de imagen Photoshop con el que se manipulará y personalizará la imagen, dándole el toque personal y artístico, y adecuándola para su transferencia a la plancha calcográfica o litográfica. - Se emplearán técnicas de transferencia de las imágenes a la plancha fotosensible mediante insolación, revelado al agua, y estampación en tórculo calcográfico. - El curso se adecuará al nivel de cada alumno, que tendrá el soporte teórico y técnico que le permitirá desarrollar y orientar su trabajo según sus intereses y capacidades. No se necesita experiencia previa de dibujo, ni de grabado, ni de informática. Las técnicas son fáciles de aprender y de aplicar después en casa...." A site using the increasingly common method of the blog for hosting and presenting his work (and why not ?)...


Rona Green is a visual artist and printmaker based in Melbourne, Australia. A fancier of characters and the absurd, her work examines the darker side of the psyche. "Drawn with deliberate clumsiness her boogie-men and flawed misfits possess a certain touching vulnerability and sexless, adolescent awkwardness.... Green's flawed outcasts and weirdos are condemned to a solitary existence in friendless, empty landscapes and interiors...The most tender images are those depicting an attempt at contact that never, however, manages to get beyond a tentative shadow cast by an outstretched arm..". She works in a variety of media - etchings and aquatint, woodcut, monotypes, linocuts and digital prints...

Skylark Studios is an art gallery and workshops, founded, owned and run by Louise Williams, created in 1993 when she converted a listed but derelict barn into an art gallery and printmaking studio. It is here that Louise continues to work, organising exhibitions by a variety of artists, running art classes, and creating her etchings, screenprints and linocuts. Much of her art work depicts England's Fen country, exotic places she has visited, and underwater scenes inspired by her passion for scuba diving....


The Steampunk Workshop - Making artifacts from an alternative age ". Hieronymus Isambard "Jake" von Slatt writes about his work ." . in which your humble proprietor theorizes that; if he can etch into one side of a brass plate he may be able to etch completely through the plate from both sides. A fixture is constructed, current is applied, electrolyte boils and jewlery is made..." This is not quite printmaking but the process described is used by quite a few printmakers, including Cedric Green, for preparing plates for printmaking. The merit of this site is the full and detailed description and illustration of his method of preparing his brass plates for electrolytic etching, using a laser printer to prepare his transfers to iron onto his plates.... electroetch.shtml


Albertine Eylenbosch studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Mechelen and the National Institute of Fine Arts of Antwerp. She teaches at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Mechelen and the Art School of Hove. With many exhibitions in Europe, she has been greatly inspired by traveling to Egypt, Ivory-Coast, Guadeloupe, Cambodia, Thailand and Venezuela.

Start als eerste in België met een atelier elektrisch etsen en milieuvriendelijke grafische technieken te Hove in 1999. - Start als eerste met een atelier computerkunst en multimedia aan de Academie te Mechelen. - ICT-cöordinator aan de Academie Mechelen. - Talrijke tentoonstellingen en onderscheidingen in binnen- en buitenland. - Reizen als inspiratiebron voor werken: Egypte, Franse Antillen, Ivoorkust, Thailand, Cambodja, Venezuela, Seychellen, La Réunion.
A refined website showing work she has done since 1999 using the galv-etch (electro-etching) technique ...


How a Wood Engraving is Made - A personal approach by Andy English - "Wood engravings are a form of relief printmaking. Areas of wood are cut away to leave the final image. It is a very old form of printmaking and you can read something of its history in this page of the Wood Engravers Network site..... Printmaking suits me as I love making multiples; I like the idea that many people can own and share my work. I also love the process of printing an edition - a slow, repeated ritual with its own choreography... I have tried many types of printmaking but, when I first picked up a graver and engraved on the endgrain of a block of wood, it seemed to me to be much more like remembering a process, rather than learning It. I am very conscious of those who have gone before me - the famous engravers and also the unsung workers who interpreted drawings to illustrate Victorian books and journals...".Well illustrated and described process of making a wood engraving or woocut, as well as showing his own beautiful woodcuts..

M.C. Escher - Work by the famous Dutch artist; woodcuts and lithographs. Large gallery of Escher's work of all periods, tessellation backgrounds, optical illusions. This is the official Escher site with quotes, biography, interactive puzzles, essays on his work, lots of links and a fascinating link to the notorious faker of his work - Earl Washington....




GREEN PRINTS - Cedric Green's comprehensive guide to new non-toxic printmaking methods - Galv-Etch, Galv-On, Bordeaux Etch and other healthy, ecologically friendly, alternative methods for printmaking, including electrolytic methods for etching without acids, a new safe mordant for zinc plates, and substitutes for most harmful solvents and chemicals normally used in printmaking. Includes a comparative table of old methods, their health dangers and subsitutes. A short history of electrolytic methods from their invention in 1840 to the present. A paper entitled "Light, Electricity and the Printed Image" is available on the site in English and Spanish. Text and illustrations are drawn from from the book by Cedric Green published by Ecotech Design, now in its 16th edition. Book available, or as a free PDF download. Text is also in Spanish published by the University of Barcelona as a book. Other websites include selections from 'Green Prints' in Italian, Dutch and German..

Nontoxic Printmaking - Friedhard Kiekeben has created this comprehensive site as a not-for-profit resource; it serves the advancement of knowledge in printmaking. "...the term nontoxic/non-toxic has become synonymous with safety conscious practice. Nontoxic processes still use a variety of chemicals, and the ultimate safety of any material and process is dependent on their informed use...". There are contributions from many other printmakers and studios, and information on books, journals and workshops, with links to other sites. Subjects covered are : The New Etching Chemistry * The Contemporary Printmaker * Etch Copper and Brass * Etch Zinc, Steel, Aluminum * Copper Sulfate Mordant * Acrylic Resist Etching * Hard and Soft Ground * Aquatint * Lift Ground * Photocopy Etch * Etching Ingredients * Akua Inks * A European Perspective * History of Electro Etching * Intaglio Type * Aquatint Screen * Perfect Registration * New Terminology * Solarplate * Screenprinting Basics * Polyester Plate Litho * Litho Toner Wash * Waterless Lithography * Plaster Printing * HEALTH + SAFETY * The Toxicity of Solvents * The Green Print Studio * Perfect Chemistry * Art meets Science * Articles * Publications * Print Gallery



Nik Semenoff - new lithographic techniques' - Pages describing new techniques he has developed for waterless lithography; techniques using dry copier toner; electro-etching; a new mordant for aluminium plates. Waterless lithography has become the basis of all the non-commercial processes being taught at workshops around the world and seems to be gaining acceptance amongst printmakers. The papers you can download from this web site, are the most recent developments, and are designed for reliability and simplicity.The site contains the "New Directions Art Gallery" showing example prints.


Grafisk Eksperimentarium was established in Copenhagen by Henrik Boegh in 1997. with the following aims: 1 Testing and evaluating new printmaking techniques and materials based on acrylics and polymers - 2 Imparting experience with such techniques and materials to art schools and creative artists - 3 Arranging workshops and demonstrations of Non-Toxic Printmaking - 4 Advising schools and printmaking workshops on establishing and equipping a Non-Toxic Printmaking Studio. They also have a shop which sells all materials and equipment for non-toxic printmaking and books and videos which he produces. Pintmaking courses are regularly conducted in a beautiful studio in a mountain village in Andalusia in Spain. Henryk Boegh is an important figure in the non-toxic printmaking movement and this site is a window into many possibilities. This site is in Danish, English and Spanish.....




Zea Mays is a studio, workshop, educational facility and resource center dedicated to non-toxic printmaking in Northhampton, western Massachusetts. They offer artists, printmakers, students, teachers and novices classes and workshops with an emphasis on non-toxic intaglio, relief and monotype printmaking. .

Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop is an artists' studio and gallery dedicated to contemporary fine-art printmaking. Studio facilities are provided at reasonable cost for any artist who wishes to work in etching, lithography, screenprinting or relief printing. Use of the studio is for anyone, professional printmakers, artists and beginners alike. They have developed and use non-toxic methods: Edinburgh Etch, Acrylic Resist Etching; Water-based screenprinting; Lithography using non-toxic chemicals. An extremely well designed and attractive site..


Jenna Weston Studio - Jenna's work includes fine handmade paper mixed media sculptures which integrate numerous components from nature. "I seek a balance in my collaboration with natural elements; I want to give voice to their origins as well as to my own human sensibilities and perceptions. This work invites the viewer to join in my pleasure of the natural world's mystery and grace." A site which is a pleasure to visit and browse in..

"Green Season"


jenna weston


PRINTMAKING TODAY is an international journal for printmakers and artists, published by Cello Press, with articles on a wide range of subjects of interest : artists' prints - books and multiples, news and reviews of exhibitions and collections, practical sections on techniques and methods including articles on non-toxic methods, articles on history, notices of forthcoming exhibitions, opportunities for printmakers, advertising. The website shows the contents list and the cover, of all the issues since it was started in 1990 by Rosemary Simmons. For any professional or amateur printmaker or anyone interested in collecting prints, a subscription to Printmaking Today is an absolute neccessity...


Printworks Magazine - A web magazine with content that regularly changes, often drawn from articles in Printmaking Today, originally created by Mark Millmore, now updated by Linda Goodman (see her own printmaking site below). Individual artists are featured; there are articles on technical subjects, and techniques described with lots of links to other good sites..

Linda Goodman's International Art Workshops - painter/ printmaker Linda Goodman is on the faculty at Mission College, Santa Clara, California and has taught extensively in the U.S. and abroad She regularly teaches workshops in the United States and abroad. In June 2006, join her for the tenth Art Workshop, "Your Creative Sojourn" in captivating Florence, Italy. In August, she returns to conduct "Walking with the Muse: Creative Journey in Monoprint" on Skopelos Island, Greece for 15 days on this beautiful island in the Agean sea, Very tempting indeed..., visit it and dream, or take the plunge and sign up. ......


Printmaking Links - A comprehensive listing of websites and pages dealing with printmaking and art, created by Chris Mercer of Printmaker, a studio offering printmaking editioning services and other resources to printmakers, especially those interested in screenprinting....

T N Lawrence The UK's premier supplier of artists' materials, whose shops stock more than 6000 product lines, all of which are normally available immediately. Their trained staff will supply you with the best quality products and give the best quality service and delivery. Based in the coastal town of Hove, their administration offices share a building with their newest retail outlet. There they deal with the day to day running of the business and process orders placed by mail, phone and internet. An exceptionally well organised website for a firm who have been supplying printmakers for nearly 100 years. Their quality of service is well known and they are reccommended highly.......

Polymetaal - Manufacturer of printmaking equipment; Etching presses, litho presses, hot plates, relief presses, intaglio presses, acid trays etc. Second hand printmaking presses and other equipment are also advertised. Also on this website you can find printmaking links as well as free exhibit space for printmaking artists... An extremely businesslike site in 5 languages (English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish), which is regularly updated and well organised. The presses and other equipment are delivered and installed all over Europe often personally by the very energetic owner of the enterprise, Hugo Bos...

Gary Thibeau - vendeur des presses taille-douce en France : Ici on trouve le catalogue des presses taille-douce Gary-Thibeau, et les presses d'occasion. Petites annonces - Achat-vente de presses et accessoires pour l'estampe, location ou partage d'atelier...etc. Il y a des articles comme "L'estampe par André Béguin", "Petit dictionnaire technique de l'estampe par André Béguin"... Actualité de l'Art Annonces d'évènements et d'exposition. .. Découverte d'artistes L'annuaire illustrés des graveurs en France et ailleurs. Vous pouvez soumettre votre site et il offre un lien depuis la section "Découverte d'artistes". Partenariats. Téléchargez les guides gratuits des solutions créatives.
A very well designed site with a lot of information in French but of interest to all printmakers. Gary Thibeau is personally very interested in non-toxic methods and is trying to promote interest in them in France.



The Washington Printmakers Gallery is a cooperative print gallery located in the hub of Washington's DuPont Circle gallery scene, only one mile from the White House. Founded in 1985, we are devoted exclusively to contemporary, original, hand-pulled prints. Lots of well illustrated prints and in particular, look at the prints of Barbara Bickley. Then go on and look at the other prints.

Idbury Prints is an online gallery of original prints which holds over 5000 original prints by more than 500 artists, from Ablett to Zych. You can search by keyword (e.g. cats or Belgian), artist, style, subject, medium, price, signed/unsigned, or any combination of these. Matisse, Bonnard, Picasso, Braque, Dufy, Marquet, Friesz, Camoin, Léger, Miró, and Delaunay are among the artists represented. "...We have important Art Nouveau lithographs by artists such as Mucha, Evenepoël, and Rhead, Art Deco lithographs by Lucien Boucher and photographs by Walery, and also strong Surrealist holdings, featuring work by artists such as Man Ray, André Masson, Lucien Coutaud, Leonor Fini, and Dorothea Tanning. Although this site does not specialise in prints of ecological interest, it is so well designed and so easy and rewarding to use that it should be of interest to all printmakers and collectors, and to designers of gallery websites. ....
Emma Bradford
- "Blue -footed booby"


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