Angela Conner is one of Britain’s most prolific sculptors who, for over 40 years, has created Europe’s largest mobile sculptures as well as acclaimed portraits. As a young self-taught artist who sculpted since childhood with whatever materials came her way, Conner developed her professional foundation working in Dame Barbara Hepworth’s celebrated Cornwall studio. Leaving before she turned twenty, Conner went on to develop her signature fascination with the movement in nature.
Working with whatever materials suit her idea, Conner’s mobile sculptures move with water, tip in the wind, play with gravity, light, and shadow. Mirroring natural forces, they seek to evoke in their viewer the feelings experienced in the increasingly rare moments when one slows down and engages with our surroundings.

Whilst vast in scale and impressive in material, Conner’s work is characterised by the contrasting simplicity of the mechanics she engineers specifically to realise the mobile aspects of each design. Conner’s sculptures feature in public and private collections worldwide and she has exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Royal Academy of the Arts in London and awarded an American Institute of Architects’ Honor Award for sculpture and co-design of Heinz Plaza, Pittsburgh USA. At 35 metres, her Irish Wave in Dublin is the tallest mobile sculpture in Europe.

Her site shows the full extent of her ambitious and inventive sculptures and wind and water mobiles


conner 2


Jason deCarres Taylor is a sculptor who creates life size figure sculptures and places them underwater where they gradually become artificial reefs becoming encrusted with corals and other sea creatures. Born in 1974 to an English father and Guyanese mother, Taylor grew up in Europe and Asia, where he spent much of his early childhood exploring the coral reefs of Malaysia. Educated in the South East of England, Taylor graduated from the London Institute of Arts in 1998 with a BA Honours in Sculpture and went on to become a fully qualified diving instructor and underwater naturalist.

In 2006, Taylor founded and created the world’s first underwater sculpture park. Situated off the west coast of Grenada in the West Indies it is now listed as one of the Top 25 Wonders of the World by National Geographic and was instrumental in the creation of a National Marine Protected Area by the local Government. Following on in 2009 he co-founded MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte), a monumental museum with a collection of over 500 of his sculptural works, submerged off the coast of Cancun, Mexico;

Taylor’s art is like no other, a paradox of creation, constructed to be assimilated by the ocean and transformed from inert objects into living breathing coral reefs, portraying human intervention as both positive and life-encouraging. His pioneering public art projects are not only examples of successful marine conservation, but works of art that seek to encourage environmental awareness, instigate social change and lead us to appreciate the breathtaking natural beauty of the underwater world. During the summer of 2014 Taylor submerged “Ocean Atlas” in the Bahamas, which is currently the largest single underwater sculpture in the world measuring 5 meters high and weighing over 60 tons.

This site shows his astonishing work in photographs and videos, mostly taken himself, and must be seen to be believed....






Hazel Bryce is an Artist based in Reading, UK. She is a specialist in large scale intricate Papier-mâché Sculpture. She believes "...that drawing should be the principal foundation of sculpture alongside the concept..". Her definitive work "The Seahorse' is concerned with the effects of global waste and financial gain and took 6 years to complete. Currently Exhibiting at Paper Museum in Czech Republic. An interesting and well designed site featuring a professional video, in which she explains the process of making and meaning of her sculpture...

Thomas Berger is a sculptor and owner of GreenArt, a landscape 'design and build' business in Maine USA. He writes "...With my sculptures, I express my admiration for nature in all its forms: the universe, our planet, life in all its variations, our human existence. There is magic found in every living thing, and the creation of nature is a mystery. We will probably never know to the last point how our existence started, and how and why out of a Big Bang unfolded such an incomprehensible richness of space, time, forms, and above all: life!..." His work has received many awards and a lot of publicity, and his website is simply and attractively designed and illustrated...


Seungho Yang is a ceramic artist now involved in eco-art activities in a country side of South Korea. "...One finds Eastern world view in the works of Seungho Yang. The four elements of the universe - earth, water, fire, air - composing nature, are found in his ceramic art, according to this philosophy...."
He studied Ceramics at the Dankuk University Seoul, South Korea, and he is currently working in Korea and in France, and has also worked and exhibited in Britain and Switzerland. In Britain he invented the "Teuim" technique(crackled surface texture), and in Korea created the project - 'ceramic in the sea', set up studio and Built 'Tong-kama'. He has had approximately 250 exhibitions in many countries, and received numerous prizes and awards from Britain, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand etc. His work is in museums and public collections in Britain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Lithuania, Poland, and Korea.

His very original sculptural ceramic pieces are fired in a unique technique that produces a heavily crackled surface, and his website includes a long and interesting video interview with him.

seungho yang
seungho yang

Kaisa Salmi is an artist who is hard to classify. Her career as an environmental artist began in 2000 as she was invited to build installations in three European Capitals of Culture. Salmi also visualizes music, contemporary dance, theater as well as opera. In 2011 Salmi was recognized as The Artist of The Year by Finnish institute in Estonia. In Tallinn she built an installation 'Road To Heaven' that was made of a couple of thousands of old shoes that were painted white. Kaisa Salmi's environmental art works are often of social nature and they often situate in urban milieu. "Ethics, aesthetics and ecological friendliness are essential in my work. I am concerned about the climate change. Urban milieu, the defects of our society and the relationship between man and nature interests me. With my works I strive for critical thinking and sharing of it. I also hope to benefit people and open new levels in our everyday life with my art" . Her vividly illustrated pages are hosted on a Finnish environmental art site with the work of many other artists whose work is well worth browsing - Marja Hakala, Timo Jokela, Kaarina Kaikkonen, Pekka Kainulainen, Sauli Miettunen, Anne Pehkonen, Jaakko Pernu, Anni Rapinoja, Riitta Schildt, Jenni Tieaho, Lea Turto, Hanna Vainio, Vinha-Jonna, Fire Art, ...

Anthony Wilson is a sculptor and curator specialising in recycled sculpture. Commissions have been "Toad of Toad Hall" and "Friends & Silver Spider"; "Environment Agency penguins"; "Frederick the Frog" for London Zoo to launch Year of the Frog 2008; "Moby the Frog" made with recycled mobile phones for Regenersis plc; "Sculpture Hay" on Wye Literary Festival 2009 for Sky Arts. He was curator of: "Love London Recycled Sculpture Show 2008" and very many others. His website gives an idea of his many commissions and imaginative work using recycled industrial parts and products of our throwaway culture....


Anne Alexander is a sculptor and creator of open air installations, based on natural forms of shells, vegetables, fossils, in wood, stone and ceramics. She is concerned with inspiring emotional or kinesthetic responses in the viewer.. to enhance awareness of body, size, and surrounding space as it relates to the natural world. Small parts of nature are the source of her ideas and inspiration. Natural forms are abstracted and enlarged to create works which suggest themes of regeneration, growth, life cycles, and stages of maturation.

Lori Waxman (Art Critic) says about her "...Anne Alexander sculpts modestly sized objects - that despite the absolute and comforting solidity of their wood, stone, and ceramic forms - flow between these categories as if they were mutable and hybridized. Her work evokes male and female body parts made small as well as cellular configurations made large. The erotics of her work that these descriptions suggest occurs most naturally of all, of course. The surprise of Alexander's work is how much erotics arises out of non-human matter"..
An interesting site well illustrated and documented.



Ama Menec makes ceramic and bronze animal sculptures and wall plaques which focus primarily on threatened species in the UK, and are stylistically inspired by etchings, woodblock prints, early 20th century illustration and Art Deco stone carving. Her earliest influences as a teenager were the Natural History, Archaeology and Anthropology museums of Cambridge UK, and her figurative sculptures reflect a 25 year fascination with our earliest pre-history and of later Archaic Greek stone sculpture. All her ceramic sculptures are made from a combination of slab-forming, coiling, carving, press-moulding and hand modelling using a variety of clays. She makes bas relief plaques and free standing works for garden ornaments, and her studio is in Totnes, Devon UK. An attractive, simple and informative site, with subjects that that demonstrate an admirable comittment to wildlife preservation ...

Deanna Pindell creates Public art and installation sculpture, focused on ecology and sanctuary. Pindell's work serves environmental functions such as raising awareness and actual remediation (ie, cleansing water, restoring habitats). Each sculptural installation is site-specific, created as a unique response to the land and light, habitat and history, meaning and dreams of the specific location. Pindell creates meditative and meaningful spaces. Her thoughtful and stimulating work is on the ArtParks site showing the work of some other sculptors with ecological themes...

Sun Boxes are environmental installations created by Craig Colorusso. It is comprised of twenty speakers operating independently, each powered by the sun via solar panels. There is a different loop set to play a guitar note in each box continuously, different in length, continually overlapping and evolving over time. The sounds of Sun Boxes have been described as both soothing and energizing like yoga, or meditation. When experiencing the piece, Sun Boxes allows the participant to slow down, and notice the subtleties of the composition unfold. A fascinating idea and the site reproduces a sample of the sound experience..... Sun Boxes Field Gallery

Langan Art - the web site of Artist Mark Langan from Brunswick Hills, Ohio. creates one of a kind sculpture via the unique medium of reclaimed corrugated boxes. "An obscure material used frequently by all, being transformed into something other than its original intended purpose.aesthetically beautiful three-dimensional art. Corrugated board is a material that can be easily recycled over and over again. I see it as an endless supply source that I purge from my trash and neighborhood, reusing it towards my creations. .... A form of green art, that makes a definitive statement with its contribution to the recycling movement." An intriguing site showing what can be done with a truly ubiquitous recyclable material, with information and statistics about cardboard and links..

detail of 'Salutation' above

Blue Skies Glassworks is the site of two artists in glass - Jody Freij-Tonder and Michael Tonder. Jody writes "In a stained glass class in 1983, I realized the possibilities of combining my passions to create recycled glass jewelry.... Stained glass artists supply me with a wide array of colored glass remnants and recycling centers are my source for bottles and jars. .... This reclaimed glass is cut into the desired shapes and either fired in a kiln or processed in a rock tumbler. The kiln fired glass retains the shiny surface and the pieces of tumbled glass are etched to a beach glass texture. These individual recycled glass earrings are then fitted with hypoallergenic surgical steel ear wires."
Michael Tonder creates one-of-a-kind glass sculptures from recyled plate and other glass. " Hand-cut from flat sheets of glass, each creation is carefully assembled, then fired in an electric kiln. After firing, the fused glass forms are then carved and etched to completion, employing internal lines, altered surface textures, and light reflection, refraction, and diffusion to create tension, stimulate curiosity, and engage the eye." His art reflects the many influences of his experience as a forester and park manager, and many excursions into Minnesota's Boundary Waters and Ontario's Quetico Provincial Park. An attractive site presenting visually exciting work ..


Benbow Bullock says "To me sculptures are abstract sundials. Sculpture fascinates me because you can walk around it or through it in some cases. There is no beginning or end like music. Sculptures have a life of their own, casting shadows that change in shape and length daily, and with the changing seasons. Some shadows are influenced by overhead clouds, reflections from bodies of water, buildings, trees, leaves, people passing by, and even wind blown paper and other detritus." "The use of geometric shapes such as circles, crescents, pyramids and cubes give some of them an archetypal feeling. A feeling that there is something going on, more that meets the eye. A sense of mystery and presence." ...The work of this sculptor is indefinably ecological revealed by the statement above and by the works themselves...

Bob Campbell (Stig) makes sculptures that are unique pieces of furniture out of scrap metal parts. "At Stig all of my pieces are one of a kind, hand crafted originals, the materials that I work with are carefully selected from scrap yards and demolition sites this ensures that each piece of functional art has its own unique character." An entertaining and original site showing a rich collection of sculptural furniture - chairs tables, stools and other peices.. Bob Campbell - Stig


Frail Loop - Gavin Darby recycles scrap metal to create his sculptures. His inspiration is drawn from nature and the shapes of the found material, to create flowers, birds and other animals. Frail Loop is his description of the world in which we live. "If you take out more than you put back you break the loop and it will all come crashing down. We should all try to recycle and reuse as much as possible..I use metal offcuts and scrap and give them a second chance of life...." Frail Loop is now featured in the Selected British Craft Makers gallery ( A simply designed site with well illustrated imaginative art... Gavin Darby

Jilly Tinniswood is a Welsh-born artist who delights in creating works inspired both by nature's forms and her Celtic roots. Always sensitive to the environment, Jilly strives to ensure that all her artwork has been constructed using recycled materials integrated with the strength of a mixed paper pulp medium. For each piece she creates, it is as much about the texture as it is the look and form, inviting you to touch and enjoy them more intimately. Yet, as you will see when you browse the galleries, some pull their inspiration from ancient Celtic design and decoration as well as the enduring myths and folklore of her Celtic people. She has written "...... it is the fusion of the ancient and the contemporary that has shaped my work. You can only be so deliberate when creating. The rest is up to something else that we still cannot define. Sometimes the whole process has such a life of its own that we might consider the artist to be the medium...."
A site full of delightful visual invention and seductive images...

Jilly Tinniswood

NivesCicin-Sain - is a Croatian artist making unique sculptures out of recycled waste materials using the papier-mache technique. She also designs masks, props and head-dresses for theatre performances. In addition Nives illustrates children's books and designs picture postcards. She was born in Split in 1961 and since 1989 has been working as an independent artist, participating in 14 independent and 42 group exhibitions, both in Croatia and abroad. A stylish and attractive well illustrated website... Nives Cinin-Sain


Pooktre - Peter Cook and Becky Northey - In 1986 Peter had the idea of growing a chair. Nine years later Peter & Becky became partners. Together they have mastered the art they call Pooktre - the shaping of trees as they grow in predetermined designs. Some are intended for harvest for high quality indoor furniture and others will reman living art. Inspiration comes from the natural beauty of the land were they live. Clear mountain streams and rugged cliffs, a very wild piece of country. Compare their work with arborsculpture below. Simple and informative self-made site .... opposite - table stand and mirror ....

Diana Lynn Thompson is an installation artist who works with ephemeral moments, accumulated objects, collected stories and insertion/intervention strategies, which she documents in video and photographs. She took her BFA at the University of Victoria. Her works have been exhibited, performed and installed nationally and internationally. In the 1980's Diana worked as a park naturalist and botanical illustrator. This background in - and deep love for biology influences her work, which integrates scientific methodology with a poetic sense of wonder . Opposite - Meander 2002. Semi-Permanent outdoor installation of stones, placed in a meandering line in the valley below the enormous Silvretta Dam. Viewed from the top of the dam, the overall form is leaf- or boat-like in shape, providing a reminiscence of the water that once flowed through the valley. ...


Philippe Demeillier - French creator of paintings, sculptures, installations and kinetic constructions using recycled vehicles and rejected artifacts of a consumer society. His powerfully expressive work is figurative and portraits are a recurring and obsessive theme. His work has been compared with Chaim Soutine and Francis Bacon, and his views and feelings about society, ecology and the individual are strongly expressed."... Many of the surfaces and objects on which he works, rescued from decay or destruction, are expressively reconstructed as a denial of their consumerist origins...". "Les supports se récupèrent de la création des objets passes et servent a la recomposition matérielle des décompositions consommatoires....". His site shows a range of work over more than 20 years of work which deserves to be much better known - recent exhibitions in the area where he works in France are recorded ...

Arborsculpture is a unique art form that has been called the ultimate branch of topiary with the potential to save the environment. There are other words and terms that are used to describe this art. Pleaching, grafting, permaculture, tree trunk topiary, botanical art, botanical architecture, biotecture, living art, visionary art, and really weird. Site created by Richard Reames where you will be able to: see his photo gallery;see reviews of and purchase his book; discover the slowly emerging history of Arborsculpture and see the work of other artists around the world, who are also practicing this art Compare with Pooktre above....

a living bench


Jenna Weston Studio - Jenna's work includes fine handmade paper mixed media sculptures which integrate numerous components from nature. "I seek a balance in my collaboration with natural elements; I want to give voice to their origins as well as to my own human sensibilities and perceptions. This work invites the viewer to join in my pleasure of the natural world's mystery and grace." A site which is a pleasure to visit and browse in..

"Green Season" - a new online museum of environmental art, advances creative efforts to improve our relationship with the natural world. Our goal is to inform, inspire and connect people through environmental art and encourage the creation of new work that serves our communities and ecosystems. The site has three main sections: Artist Section presents images and documentation of artwork, writings and online exhibitions. Community provides a full listing of Events, Opportunities, and Links....

A typical example of an artist's work on this site are the impressive stone and earth sculptures of New Zealand artist, Chris Booth. They are feats of balancing, engineering and a widely conceived sense of place. Stacked stone forms refer to their origins in volcanos or river banks and are often gathered in consultation with representatives of local indigenous people...


Caril Chasens - Sculpture in Wood - He uses wood as a medium for original one-of-a-kind sculpture. Wood, containing and reflecting the complexity of nature, is, he feels, a medium deeply suited to this time in history. Many of his carvings show animals within environment, the environment abstracted in the unique nature of wood. Included are links to pictures, links to writings, and links to other websites. A simply designed site with high quality illustrations.. chasens


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