Caroline Bell "....I have always enjoyed using natural materials in my work but more recently I have become more concerned with the implications of what we use and how we use it. The consequence of this is that I try to work in ways which are as sustainable as possible. Where feasible I use natural dyes, mordants and mark making materials. I try to source many fabrics as locally as possible. Since cotton has huge environmental impacts in its production I tend to source secondhand and upcycled alternatives...."

"....My inspiration also comes from the natural world and the marks that can be found within it. I am currently studying an area of urban green space in my own locality which also happens to be a major source of my raw materials for dyeing. I am also concerned with the rhythm of the seasons and the passing of time...".



caroline bell



Dianne Schepers is a Dutch/Swiss artist who makes felt tapestries and fine architectural felts. "People and rooms want to feel at home with each other. That inspires me to create large contemporary handfelted art panels that can also be touched, that have the feel of an age-old, pure sensation: felt. Because of its fibrous structure felt has excellent temperature and sound insulation properties. And, because my wall felts are made of exclusively naturally renewable raw materials they are fully biodegradable...". This is a attractive site showing high quality decorative work in felt that lends itself to contemporary architectural interiors....http://www.pure-felt.com/

Sylvie Weber - Creator of original contemporary tapestries and fibre art, woven on a horizontal loom of the type known as "Aubusson", she also creates small textile sculptures and paints over old carpets, a woven basis for creating picture puzzles, recycling them thus giving them a new life. She carries out large and small commissions, creates works for local, national and international textile art and craft exhibitions and competitions. She has been recognised nationally in France for her work in promoting tapestry and fibre art and for her own work. Sylvie Weber also offers starter courses in tapestry (design and techniques) at her studio in France, in the Dordogne.
Sylvie Weber est auteur de tapisseries contemporaines originales, tissées sur métier de basse lice. Elle crée également des sculptures textiles de petites dimensions et peint sur des tapis anciens, supports tissés bons pour le rebus, qui retrouvent ainsi une nouvelle existence. Sylvie Weber travaille sur commande, crée des oeuvres présentées en exposition, et participe à des concours de créativité dans le domaine de l'Art Textile et des Métiers d'Art (niveau national et international). Sylvie Weber propose des cours d'initiation à la tapisserie de basse-lice à son atelier en France.
She has worked recently with Maori artists in New Zealand and her well illustrated site shows nearly all her own and some of her collaborative work
. ..

Julie Kornblum -creates weaving and basketry which combines the ancient and the immediate.She takes a new look at old traditions by using post-modern, surplus, and recycled materials to weave early American textile patterns. Her sculptural pieces combining discarded plastics with coiled basket technique have won awards in national juried shows. The materials she uses are by products of industrialization and the notions of disposability, one-time-use, surplus, and waste are also modern inventions. In the past hundred years plastics have facilitated marvelous advancements in medicine, food storage, communications, etc; and have become a worldwide waste and disposal problem. Her website shows her work and announces workshops which she runs, which raises awareness of how plastic trash impacts the environment but can be transformed into craftwork of great quality. http://www.ecoartla.com/julie_kornblum.htm
forever yours



Rachelle LeBlanc is an artist working in the hooked rug technique since 2003. She runs workshops in the technique for beginners in her studio, and in the Summer Workshop in Bouctouche, New Brunswick. "Hand hooking is a very slow process. The image is created by thousands of loops created with woolen fabric, cut into strips then hooked onto a burlap backing.....I have been fortunate to be self taught. This allows me the freedom from someone else's rules, gravitating away from the more primitive images to a more painting with wool approach... The art of rug hooking has become my medium of choice." The images on this site must be seen enlarged to appreciate the qualities of her work and the technique..... http://www.hookedrugstudio.com/index.html

Linda Jane James makes Bags of Potential She uses the 'art of found materials' to create projects and artworks that raise awareness and inspire others to think about the environment and our impact on it. She is motivated by concerns about throw away society and that things have far greater potential than people realise. 98% of her materials are from companies that care about recycling and using their leftovers, from the thrown away in the street or the landscape (so I help clear it up at the same time) or charity shops where money goes to good causes....http://www.bagsofpotential.net see also lindajanejames.blogs.com and www.lindajanejames.com


Cas Holmes is a professional artist working in the community. Her work looks at issues of the land and peoples' relationship to it. She uses reclaimed materials and the work is installation, wall based and small objects. The image illustrated opposite, Fen, uses fabric rusted and marked by the ground and stained papers, plant material. In community projects, she works with all ages and abilities including work inside and outside. More recently,she has been investigating the combination of textiles and paper with photographs, computer imaging, directly with drawing and also photocopy exploration. A simple and very attractive site, showing work by workshop pupils as well as her own work.. http://www.casholmes.textilearts.net/ page3.html

All Fiber Arts - A site created by Päivi Suomi "You can find over 900 pages of information, free patterns, resources and instructions for weaving, spinning, dyeing, knitting, crochet, felting, papermaking, needlepoint, sewing, and other textile handicrafts"..."We also have a free Discussion Forum and Chat rooms where you can meet with all your "fiberholic friends" where visitors can ask questions, discuss their projects and display their work.. She writes original articles about weaving, handspinning, feltmaking, knitting, crochet and other textile art for this website. All links are hand-picked and she continues to update links and look for new patterns, yarns, books, resources and information for the textile artist. She sends out a Newsletter to subscribers on a somewhat regular basis, informing them of the latest updates to the website or interesting things she has found about the textile craft world.

A very well designed site with a great deal of interest to fibre artists everywhere..... http://www.allfiberarts.com/

Cambridge Galleries Permanent Collection - Cambridge is located midway between Toronto and London in Canada and the Cambridge Public Library Board established a permanent collection policy with a mandate to focus on contemporary Canadian fibre art. This decision was influenced by the heritage of the textile industry in Cambridge and an interest in developing a contemporary collection that would be unique. The collection now numbers hundreds of innovative works in a wide range of fibre media and technique, representing artists from coast to coast. Simply presented site with example images which can be enlarged some with details ... http://www.cambridgegalleries.ca/

Laurence Barker Paper - Far from needing a wake-up call, the world of hand papermaking ever since its mid-20th century renaissance has been in an ebullient and transforming mode. Originally inspired by the early and solitary artistic investigations of Douglass Howell, an ever growing number of artists in the intervening decades have contributed to the development of paper pulp as an art medium, thereby adding their distinctive voices. Laurence Barker is one of these and his site is worth a visit.. ..http://www.laurencebarker.com/index.html



Seungho Yang is a ceramic artist now involved in eco-art activities in a country side of South Korea. "...One finds Eastern world view in the works of Seungho Yang. The four elements of the universe - earth, water, fire, air - composing nature, are found in his ceramic art, according to this philosophy...."
He studied Ceramics at the Dankuk University Seoul, South Korea, and he is currently working in Korea and in France, and has also worked and exhibited in Britain and Switzerland. In Britain he invented the "Teuim" technique(crackled surface texture), and in Korea created the project - 'ceramic in the sea', set up studio and Built 'Tong-kama'. He has had approximately 250 exhibitions in many countries, and received numerous prizes and awards from Britain, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand etc. His work is in museums and public collections in Britain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Lithuania, Poland, and Korea.

His very original sculptural ceramic pieces are fired in a unique technique that produces heavily cracked surfaces, and his website includes a long and interesting video interview with him..... http://www.seunghoyang.com

seungho yang
seungho yang

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