Commented guide with links to sites and pages that deal with non-toxic and ecologically sound printmaking techniques. Extract from GREEN PRINTS by Cedric Green published by Ecotech Design, Sheffield, UK. - a handbook on new methods for non-toxic intaglio etching and metal plate printmaking, featuring the technique of Galv-Etch, a modern development of the 19th century electrolytic technique of Electro-Etching, and introducing Fractint and other new alternative methods avoiding the use of solvents and chemicals harmful to health and to the environment. These links are taken from my Green Art Guide.


GreenArt - an Eco-Art guide
A selective list of websites and pages of artists and designers concerned with ecological, environmental and social issues in their work, under a number of headings: Printmaking (non-toxic, woodcuts), Architecture & Design (solar, energy conservation), Tapestry and Fibre-art, Sculpture & Painting (recycled materials and ecological themes), Travel, Organisations etc...

Using brine as an electrolyte - the toxic effects of using a salt solution as an electrolyte in galv-etch or any type of electroetching. A list below of websites showing the processes of the electrolysis of Sodium Chloride, salt solution or brine, and others showing toxicity of the chlorine gas generated, of the caustic soda solution that is left, and the different toxic chemicals that are produced when etching metals like copper, zinc, aluminium, steel, brass. Some of these reactions can be found when adding salt to copper sulphate to create 'Saline sulphate etch' , which may then be used electrolytically in the Galv-On process. Free copper deposit produced by etching zinc plates in saline sulphate etch forms a 'zinc copper couple' generating a current and producing chlorine and caustic soda. Free chlorine and hydrogen gas in a confined space like a covered etching tray can form an explosive mixture. If the chlorine gas is not channelled and collected, but mixes freely with the caustic soda, then sodium chlorate is produced . Sodium chlorate is a very toxic chemical banned since 2008 in the European Union where it was used as a powerful weed killer.

Electrolysis of Brine
Chlorine Gas: An Evolving Hazardous Material Threat and Unconventional Weapon
Electrochemistry Encyclopedia -- Brine electrolysis
Sodium chlorate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Electrolysis of brine

Cedric Green - artist/printmaker - Based in France he makes contemporary etchings, relief prints, monotypes, and collages, using new non-toxic electrolytic, electrochemical and safe etching and proofing techniques which he has developed (see Green Prints). The examples of prints shown here mark recent stages in the development of an individual technique which uses a wide range of methods - copper and zinc plates printed in intaglio and relief, monotypes, sometimes combined in the same print. A recurring theme is Atlantis, Plato's mythical utopia destroyed by flood as a punishment for their arrogance - a relevant myth for our time. Many of his pictures are based on the abiguity, distortions and complexity of reflections in water or in the imperfect mirror of memory...

Ses estampes sont souvent basées sur la complexité spatiale des reflets des objets dans l'eau ou dans le miroir imparfait de la mémoire. Pendant plusieurs années il s'occupe beaucoup de développement de techniques qui ne sont pas dangereuses pour la santé ou pour l'environnement, et il n'utilise ni les acides ni les solvants ou chimiques toxiques. Les plaques sont en cuivre ou en zinc et gravées utilisant la technique électrolytique dit "galvano gravure", et teintées avec une technique qu'il développe, dite "fractinte". Il trouve un nouveau mordant électrochimique pour le zinc qu'il nomme "mordant Bordeaux" Les techniques nouvelles sont décrites en détail dans un livret gratuit ayant pour titre "Green Prints", et aussi dans un website avec le même titre.

Printworks Magazine - A web magazine with content that regularly changes, often drawn from articles in Printmaking Today, originally created by Mark Millmore, now updated by Linda Goodman (see her own printmaking site below). Individual artists are featured; there are articles on technical subjects, and techniques described with lots of links to other good sites..

Gary Thibeau - vendeur des presses taille-douce en France : Ici on trouve le catalogue des presses taille-douce Gary-Thibeau, et les presses d'occasion. Petites annonces - Achat-vente de presses et accessoires pour l'estampe, location ou partage d'atelier...etc. Il y a des articles comme "L'estampe par André Béguin", "Petit dictionnaire technique de l'estampe par André Béguin"... Actualité de l'Art Annonces d'évènements et d'exposition. .. Découverte d'artistes L'annuaire illustrés des graveurs en France et ailleurs. Vous pouvez soumettre votre site et il offre un lien depuis la section "Découverte d'artistes". Partenariats Téléchargez les guides gratuits des solutions créatives.

A very well designed site with a lot of information in French but of interest to all printmakers. Gary Thibeau is personally very interested in non-toxic methods and is trying to promote interest in them in France.

Skylark Studios is an art gallery and workshops, founded, owned and run by Louise Williams, created in 1993 when she converted a listed but derelict barn into an art gallery and printmaking studio. It is here that Louise continues to work, organising exhibitions by a variety of artists, running art classes, and creating her etchings, screenprints and linocuts. Much of her art work depicts England's Fen country, exotic places she has visited, and underwater scenes inspired by her passion for scuba diving....

emma clark prints - Emma Clark was born in Oxford in 1967 and now lives and works in South London. She left Ravensbourne College of Design in 1988 with a BA in ceramics and shortly after turned to printmaking. "..Il Faut Danser la Vie (Life Should be Danced) My new series of one-off prints has been inspired by the experiences I have had over the last 6 months watching and participating in dance. I started to learn to dance last February and lost my heart almost immediately to the feeling of being on the dance floor - the combination of music, lights and the people I met started to seep into my work and within a matter of weeks I was trying to pin down the way it made me feel and make images to represent that." But what has happened to her own very good website and blog ? ...

Albertine Eylenbosch studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Mechelen and the National Institute of Fine Arts of Antwerp. She teaches at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Mechelen and the Art School of Hove. With many exhibitions in Europe, she has been greatly inspired by traveling to Egypt, Ivory-Coast, Guadeloupe, Cambodia, Thailand and Venezuela.

Start als eerste in België met een atelier elektrisch etsen en milieuvriendelijke grafische technieken te Hove in 1999. - Start als eerste met een atelier computerkunst en multimedia aan de Academie te Mechelen. - ICT-cöordinator aan de Academie Mechelen. - Talrijke tentoonstellingen en onderscheidingen in binnen- en buitenland. - Reizen als inspiratiebron voor werken: Egypte, Franse Antillen, Ivoorkust, Thailand, Cambodja, Venezuela, Seychellen, La Réunion.

A refined website showing work she has done since 1999 using the galv-etch (electro-etching) technique ... ....

The Artists' Press opened its doors in Newtown, Johannesburg in 1991, under the direction of Tamarind Master Printer, Mark Attwood. The Artists' Press started as a lithography studio providing artists in southern Africa with a workshop dedicated to the production of limited edition hand printed lithographs. Since its inception the press has grown steadily and today offers a variety of print processes to artists as well as publishing and selling original prints and artists books. In 2003 The Artists' Press relocated to a farming area just outside of White River in Mpumalanga. In the purpose built studio the press now offers lithography, letterpress, intaglio, mono-printing and relief printing. This simple, well designed site shows the work of manyinteresting South African printmakers, of all races....

"afternoon" by Dumisani Mabaso


How a Wood Engraving is Made - A personal approach by Andy English - "Wood engravings are a form of relief printmaking. Areas of wood are cut away to leave the final image. It is a very old form of printmaking and you can read something of its history in this page of the Wood Engravers Network site". Well illustrated and described process of making a wood engraving or woocut, as well as showing his own beautiful woodcuts..

M.C. Escher - Work by the famous Dutch artist; woodcuts and lithographs. Large gallery of Escher's work of all periods, tessellation backgrounds, optical illusions. This is the official Escher site with quotes, biography, interactive puzzles, essays on his work, lots of links and a fascinating link to the notorious faker of his work - Earl Washington....


Printmaking Methods - A 'Print Australia' Listing - A comprehensive resource of information concerning methods of printmaking and general 'how-to' information, giving preference to sites promoting the use of non-toxic methodologies. A site filled with links to sites under different headings: | Print Australia | Australian Printmakers | Non-Australian Printmakers | Art Theory | Book Arts | Discussion Groups | Education | Exhibitions | Australian Galleries | Non-Australian Galleries | Lists of Links | Magazines | Methods | Organisations | Other media | Papermaking | Prizes | Professional Practice | Searching & Browsing | Suppliers | What's On | Women | Workshops |. Few illustrations, but a popular site..

Keith Howard's Non-Toxic Printmaking Page - Extracts from "Non-Toxic Intaglio Printmaking", describing non-toxic photographic intaglio printmaking methods; Intaglio-Type method using ImagOn film; new grounding methods. No illustrations but enough information to to give an idea of the contents of the books.. also see:


Nik Semenoff - new lithographic techniques' - Pages describing new techniques he has developed for waterless lithography; techniques using dry copier toner; electro-etching; a new mordant for aluminium plates. Waterless lithography has become the basis of all the non-commercial processes being taught at workshops around the world and seems to be gaining acceptance amongst printmakers. The papers you can download from this web site, are the most recent developments, and are designed for reliability and simplicity.The site contains the "New Directions Art Gallery" showing example prints.

The Printmakers' Experimentarium - was established in Copenhagen by Henrik Boegh in 1997. with the following aims: Testing and evaluating new printmaking techniques and materials based on acrylics and polymers Imparting experience with such techniques and materials to the art schools and creative artists Arranging workshops and demonstrations of Non-Toxic Printmaking Advising schools and printmaking workshops on establishing and equipping a Non-Toxic Printmaking Studio..

Zea Mays is a studio, workshop, educational facility and resource center dedicated to non-toxic printmaking in Northhampton, western Massachusetts. They offer artists, printmakers, students, teachers and novices classes and workshops with an emphasis on non-toxic intaglio, relief and monotype printmaking. .

Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop is an artists' studio and gallery dedicated to contemporary fine-art printmaking. Studio facilities are provided at reasonable cost for any artist who wishes to work in etching, lithography, screenprinting or relief printing. Use of the studio is for anyone, professional printmakers, artists and beginners alike. They have developed and use non-toxic methods: Edinburgh Etch, Acrylic Resist Etching; Water-based screenprinting; Lithography using non-toxic chemicals. An extremely well designed and attractive site..


Printworks Magazine - A web magazine with content that regularly changes, often drawn from articles in Printmaking Today, originally created by Mark Millmore, now updated by Linda Goodman (see her own printmaking site below). Individual artists are featured; there are articles on technical subjects, and techniques described with lots of links to other good sites..

Linda Goodman's International Art Workshops - painter/ printmaker Linda Goodman is on the faculty at Mission College, Santa Clara, California and has taught extensively in the U.S. and abroad She regularly teaches workshops in the United States and abroad. In June 2006, join her for the tenth Art Workshop, "Your Creative Sojourn" in captivating Florence, Italy. In August, she returns to conduct "Walking with the Muse: Creative Journey in Monoprint" on Skopelos Island, Greece for 15 days on this beautiful island in the Agean sea.

The Printmakers Council was founded in 1965 to promote the art of printmaking and the work of contemporary printmakers. It continues to pursue this aim by organising a program of exhibitions in London, throughout the U.K. and worldwide. These exhibitions show both traditional skills and innovatory printmaking techniques..

Printmaking Links - A comprehensive listing of websites and pages dealing with printmaking and art, created by Chris Mercer of Printmaker, a studio offering printmaking editioning services and other resources to printmakers, especially those interested in screenprinting....

Printmaking Links (2) - Middle Tennesee State University's site with a facility to search the site for information on all aspects of printmaking. A site very rich in information and links to other printmaking sites...

T N Lawrence The UK's premier supplier of artists' materials, whose shops stock more than 6000 product lines, all of which are normally available immediately. Their trained staff will supply you with the best quality products and give the best quality service and delivery. Based in the coastal town of Hove, their administration offices share a building with their newest retail outlet. There they deal with the day to day running of the business and process orders placed by mail, phone and internet. An exceptionally well organised website for a firm who have been supplying printmakers for nearly 100 years. Their quality of service is well known and they are reccommended highly.......

Polymetaal - Manufacturer of printmaking equipment; Etching presses, litho presses, hot plates, relief presses, intaglio presses, acid trays etc. Also on this website you can find printmaking links as well as free exhibit space for printmaking artists..

Printmakers Webring - part of the Yahoo! webring system. Recently changed address. Sections on non-toxic printmaking and artists. Links to galleries, studios. individual artists, and membership to widen knowledge of your printmaking site. Printmakers with sites showing their prints can join the webring and hopefully receive more visits to their sites...

Join the Printmaker's WebRing!

The Washington Printmakers Gallery is a cooperative print gallery located in the hub of Washington's DuPont Circle gallery scene, only one mile from the White House. Founded in 1985, we are devoted exclusively to contemporary, original, hand-pulled prints. Losts of well illustrated prints and in particular, look at the prints of Barbara Bickley. Then go on and look at the other prints....



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