Scuola Toscana "...Even if a school of Italian language is not a big polluter, or a terrible energy eater, we think that everyone on the planet has to do her/his part - therefore it is our responsibility to work in the most sustainable way.Since 1989 we at the Scuola Toscana have been trying to keep our impact on the environment as low as possible..." Look at this site to see how much a school like this can do to lessen its environmental impact..... http://www.italianschoolflorence.com/content/view/3/8/lang,en/

Linda Goodman's International Art Workshops - painter/ printmaker Linda Goodman is on the faculty at Mission College, Santa Clara, California and has taught extensively in the U.S. and abroad She regularly teaches workshops abroad. In June 2006, join her for the tenth Art Workshop, "Your Creative Sojourn" in captivating Florence, Italy. In August, she returns to conduct "Walking with the Muse: Creative Journey in Monoprint" on Skopelos Island, Greece for 15 days on this beautiful island in the Agean sea. http://www.artmondo.net/

Greggle Cottage, Framsden - cosy cottage accommodation in the Suffolk countryside, five minutes from Debenham. Greggle Cottage is a typical Suffolk cottage, with steeply pitched pantile roof, low ceilings, beams, and inglenook fireplaces. In the greenest part of Suffolk, near the coast and Woodbridge, where the owners are sailmakers. There is a network of footpaths connecting the villages and river valleys.... http://www.greenart.info/guide/greggle1.htm

LaRoche - Self-catering, and bed and breakfast accommodation in Périgord Vert, the Green north of the Dordogne, France. Once a small farm on the estate of an 18th century château, it is surrounded by 5 acres of garden, woodland and meadows. LaRoche has a swimming pool, and many other attractions for family holidays..http://perso.greenart.info/allisons/



Tourisme, loisir, hébergement en Dordogne
La Dordogne, un département où il fait bon vivre...Afin de découvrir notre région, nous vous proposons un petit guide loisir , du tourisme de l'hébergement ... Un site utile pour les voyageurs en Périgord Vert, Blanc, Pourpre, Noir - avec beaucoup des liens. A useful site for travellers in Périgord looking for accommodation, exhibitions, activities and an ecological way of life....

The Environmental News Network - Cycling in Spain .A national network of 80 bicycle trails has just opened. The greenways, or vias verdes, run mainly along old railway lines, and about 600 miles are finished with new surfacing and signage. Each greenway affords access to spectacular, sometimes difficult terrain without the ordeal of ferocious climbs. As you roll gently along, it's easy to find yourself offering up thanks to the original railway builders and their dislike of hills - Look in the ENN archive.There is recent article on the future of ethanol as a fuel for cars - see the home page for ENN at: http://www.enn.com/


SPOKES - The Lothian Cycle Campaign - a non party political voluntary organisation, founded in 1977, with a membership of over 1000. SPOKES campaigns (effectively) for better conditions for cyclists, especially in Edinburgh and the Lothians.. http://www.spokes.org.uk/home.htm

SPOKES - East Kent Cycle Campaign - Aims to encourage cycling and publicise its benefits for the community and for individuals; to ensure that Council and Government policies actively encourage cycling and make full provision for it as part of an overall transport strategy through which all members of the public can enjoy cheap, safe and efficient travel for work and leisure...as part of the solution to congestion and pollution. A simply designed site which is clear and informative. . http://www.spokeseastkent.org.uk/



The Vegetarian Society - Information on all aspects of vegetarianism: News | Cordon Vert | New Veggies | Youth Pages | Animals & Environment | Health & Nutrition | Business Opportunities | Leisure & Lifestyle | Online Store | The Local Network | Members. http://www.vegsoc.org/directory/

Peter Ormsby - Steam Train Artist - is capturing an era when time moved at a more leisurely pace. When people cared about their fellow travellers. An era when people recycled because they had to! A site for steam enthusiasts, offering meticulously drawn b+w pictures and technical descriptions of mostly Australian locomotives. Also signed reproduction prints can be ordered. ...http://www.steamtrainartist.com/about_steam_train_artist.html


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