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Architecture et Nature - Site de réflexion et de proposition sur l'architecture et l'environnement de notre époque. Ce site a été créé par Jean-Luc Sauvaigo afin de faire partager sa passion de l'Architecture et de l'environnement. L'Architecture et la nature loin de s'opposer, devraient au contraire parfaitement s'harmoniser et se compléter... Les sujets : Réflexion sur la maison, Vers des maisons écolo?, Amènager Partout?, L'urbanisme actuel, Intégration des constructions dans le paysage, Les terrains, Les "maisons Solaires", Les "maisons à ossature bois", Les "maisons à ossature acier", Les petites maisons, Micro-Habitat de loisir, Les eoliennes, Des maisons containers ?, L'urbanisme actuel, Vers un renouveau des cabanes ?, Maisons Flottantes, Autres Maisons flottantes, Camping car Solaires, Proposition pour les sans abris, Le "Jardins des Poètes", Les fermes environnementales de demain..., Autres maisons flottantes, Proposition pour les sans abris, Nouveaux villages écologiques, Architecture marginale pleine de poésie..., Maisons pour le futur..., L'avenir..., URBANISME & ENVIRONNEMENT, Les moyens de transports, Accidents de la route, Les voitures solaires, L'équipe Suisse du SUISSPIRIT, Transport futur : "les Navettes Obus", Le Vélo, La 2 CV, Programe pour une nouvelle 2 CV Solaire, Voitures Solaires en vente aujourd'hui..., Bateaux Solaires . Another site by the author of Maison Solaire with a wealth of information and useful links - all in French, but worth translating and reading.. Un autre site par l'auteur de la Maison solaire avec une richesse d'informations et de liens utiles - en français, ...


Maison Solaire - A site in French : "Le Solaire est plus que jamais synonyme de Libertie... Si nous voulons bâtir un monde plus libre, il nous faut faire en sorte que progressivement le "solaire" fasse partie intégrante de notre vie..... En effet, cet apport énergétique est gratuit... !"
Cette site crée par l'architecte Jean-Luc Sauvaigo, est trés bien présenté et nous offre beaucoup de conseils sur le solaire et architecture, sous les titres suivante:

1 - Pourquoi construire une maisons solaire aujourd'hui ? ..2 - Le principe de l'effet de serre ..3 - Le procédé de chauffage solaire recommandé ..4 - Les maisons doivent être construite avec le climat ..5 - Conseils pour bien construire ..6 - Combien coûte une maison solaire ..7 - Historique de l'utilisation de l'énergie solaire ..8 - L'apport thermique ..9 - Le puits Canadien ou Puits Provençal 10 - Les avantages du Solaire 11 - Adresses de sites .....




Avilion Sustainable Homes is a UK/French company that produces timber frame homes that are very well insulated, built of sustainable materials, combining Scandinavian standards of materials, products and insulation technology with distinctive styling and craftsmanship. Timber frame has been the principal method of construction in North America, Scandinavia and even Scotland for many years and rapidly increasing energy costs make timber frame construction the method of choice, not just for the future of our world but the running costs of homes. Avilion timber frame homes are frequently bespoke, designed and built to meet each customer's specific requirements, although their standard designs may meet clients' requirements, or with slight modifications. This website is professional, well illustrated and contains useful information about buying land in France, about the methods of construction used and pictures of progress on recent projects (bottom right) .



MikiKappa designs and produces wooden furniture, decorative objects and architectural elements of outstanding craftmanship and innovative contemporary design. Every product is handmade out of high quality solid wood avoiding engineered woodproducts, which often contain toxic resins and do not age well. The wood they use originates from sustainably managed forests or, even better, from salvaged and recycled wooden elements like old beams, barrel wood and even driftwood found on the beach. These seasoned materials show less shrinkage and expansion during changes of temperature and humidity. Salvaged materials also are esthetically pleasing. For example: wood from old wine barrels - mostly oak and chesnut - has a beautiful grain and natural dye thanks to being soaked in red wine for decades. Manufacturing custom architectural components is one of their specialties including beautiful solid wood / parquet floors. One of their most popular products is flooring entirely made out of recycled barrel wood.
MikiKappa is the creation of Michael Krumbiegel (1960), and he is married to Francesca Genna, an Italian printmaker and author of a book on sustainable etching


house by Malcolm Worby

Green Space aims to provide up-to-date, practical information on environmentally responsible products and services available in South Africa. All the products and services on this website contribute in some way to the protection/conservation of our country's natural resources. Search for information on organic and biodegradable goods from wine to nappies; where to recycle your household and office waste; solar energy systems grey water systems...and much more. There are currently 80+ products and services listed on this site. There is a growing concern amongst South Africans about environmental degradation and the importance of protecting and caring for the earth's natural resources. Good resource including names of architects specialising in green design (including Andy Horn and Malcolm Worby)....

Green Art Market is a marketing organisation which promotes and sells work by artists and artisans from the Dominican Republic. They "...believe in keeping traditions alive while keeping the earth alive as well. Dominican Artisans have learned their skills from father to son for centuries; some art craft is done with the same techniques and materials that Taino natives used more than 500 years ago. By showing their works of art to the world, we show the heritage of all Dominican people.
We take pride in encouraging the use of renewable, recycled materials, so their art does not go in detriment to the environment. Things that may not have any use for you will become adorable treasures in their hands. The use of certified renewable wood or stones that are not directly collected from the rivers reservoirs are just simple rules to ensure the continuous flow of life through their skilled hands....." A colourful and professional site promoting and selling work by people working to revive traditional crafts and natural materials....

greenart market

Danielle Siembieda is an art service provider and creative entrepreneur in the San Francisco Bay Area. "...Her most recent project, “The Art Inspector” was incepted in 2009 as a method to reduce the carbon footprint of art. She recently received a grant from the Silicon Valley Energy Watch to conduct energy assessments on artist’s studios and take them through an eco-art makeover..." This site and the Art Inspector site show the variety of interesting projects and illustrates them vividly....

Eco Your Life is a site put together by 3 friends who all went off to University and studied various courses and all wanted to bang all their skills into one big project, and here it is. They have always had a keen interest in the environment and felt a great way to share each other's knowledge, skills and personality, would be to create this site and keep you up to date on current Eco news and information.

The site is very well structured and filled with very useful information under headings like Building, Technology, Events, Living, Reviews, Sport, Travel, and Top Ten. There are hours of happy browsing here to change your life
Derby Visitor Centre
Derby Visitor Centre

Floating Land is an ongoing conversation about creativity, the environment and culture. Floating Land began as an outdoor sculpture event and has since grown to include writers, performance artists, musicians, photographers, academics and scientists. Conceived in 2001, planning has commenced for the 5th Floating Land to be held in June 2009. Artists will explore the theme of climate change and the impact of rising sea levels on coastal and island communities of the Pacific Ocean, all set within the beautiful Noosa environment. Artists from the Pacific Islands and New Zealand will join Australian and local artists to create and deliver messages that explore ‘Green Art’, This year the featured event is from June 19 to 28 - keep watching this site for updates.
Right - Internationally acclaimed sculptor Virginia King will lead participants in the creation of naturally aesthetic works which will later be either launched individually on the lake or collaborated into a larger work. Participants may also choose to continue to assist Virginia throughout Floating Land in the making of Ephemeral and Edible Installation. When: Sunday June 21, 9.30am [...]

floating land is a website that promotes good examples of environmentally sound practices and companies that implement them. ".. We believe that by investing some energy and effort in creating links between environmentally aware busineses we can trigger new, creative developments and constructive solutions. The first step in this process is to provide fresh information about the latest technological and design developments available, in the form of a well organised directory.." is open to all businesses to publish their press releases, provided that they feature eco-friendly improvements in design solutions, production methods, materials, recyclability, or sustainable processes. A rich source of articles and information. . eco your life
Scotia Fair Trade promotes and sells goods made by small-scale and marginalized producers in Africa, Asia and South America. They offer a wide and growing range of fair trade products which include natural beauty butters and soaps, pure essential oils, incense, jewellery, clothing accessories, crafts, gift items and greeting cards. Scotia Fair Trade is a member of BAFTS (the British Association for Fair Trade Shops). You can browse by the following countries : Cambodia, Chile, Comoros, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Laos, Madagascar, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua, Philippines, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, Uganda, Vietnam, West Bank . scotia
Hand carved wooden rainforest box
Taskboard is an unbleached wood product made of sustainable forestry wood. It is natural and biodegradable and can be sanded just like wood. "...Replanting, good forest management and long-term planning have led to a very large increase in timber supplies.... The forest is a resource which should be managed so that it provides a good return on a sustainable basis and ensures the preservation of biodiversity...". A well designed and informative site showing all the different ways that Taskboard can be used - especially good for architectural models.... taskboard offers a wide assortment of products that promote environmental sustainability. They have hundreds of organic hemp items including clothing footwear bags and accessories. All of their products are non-sweatshop and non-exploitive of animals. Their site also has a large library of information on related topics. They also have a very attractive affiliates program offering discounts for referrals..
An interesting site especially for Vegan shoppers and anyone interested in alternatives to synthetics, especially hemp products. A good range of ecological topics in the library....


The Maho Bay Art Center, St. John, US Virgin Islands, creates art from recycled products such as beer bottles, bed linens, and lint from clothes dryers. Highly skilled artists create the art made at our studios located at Maho Bay Camps on the hillsides of the Caribbean shores. All art pieces for purchase are one-of-a-kind, so color, shape and size will vary with each piece.
An example is illustrated opposte - Clay Saki Set This stoneware is hand thrown on the potter’s wheel at Maho Bay Clay Works and then imprinted with shells and coral from our beaches. As a final touch, glass from waste bottles is used on the inside as a glaze.,,

maho bay centre
Tafetan Art is a Colombian organisation promoting and selling traditional crafts - "In our factory, we have elaborated contemporaneous carpets with the most exclusive designs totally handmade, using natural fibers with the aid of vertical looms. At the same time we have supported the work of other artists and Colombian craftsmen. Our mission is to commercially propel the Colombian art and crafts, helping to increase the production of unique pieces of art which are done by hand, stimulating the new generation to follow the path of our ancestors whom for decades have been dedicated to transform natural elements utilizing traditional techniques in order to obtain pieces of matchless beauty...." A well designed and attractive site offering mouthwatering hand-made goods from Colombia..... tafetan art is dedicated to meeting the needs of everyone who is looking for gifts that are beautiful, well made and environmentally friendly. On these pages you will find designs by 25 (and counting) artists: hand-crafted jewelry, personal, home and office accessories, business gifts and custom awards. All are made from recycled, reused and natural materials.... This site has expired

eco artware

Clear glass ornament filled with aluminum "tinsel" shards from oxygen tanks left on Mt. Everest.

myartobiography is a blog about art lives and living by Michelina Docimo, a certified sustainable building advisor, master gardener, and holistic thinker. Myartobiography is about the art of sustainability and how to live lightly on the earth.  It may expand upon an idea or it may be a simple passing thought that will hopefully make you think about whatever it is that I am thinking about.  This blog is about connections, and its focus is on sustainability through art, architecture, and the art of living well.

This very thoughtful and well illustrated set of pages is worth while browsing for ideas and inspiration ... myartobiography/category/art/

docimo branches

Nita Winter and Bob Badger - Nita Winter's photographic passion began during her senior year at Clark University where she earned a degree in biology. In 1976 Nita moved to San Francisco and began to document her work fighting fires and leading tours on Alcatraz Island while working for the National Parks Service. In her words: "I thoroughly enjoy recording candid moments in people's lives, especially those of children. For 40 years.


Bob Badger, an environmental activist, instructor, lecturer and photographer, has recorded the beauty of the earth and its accelerating destruction. His mastery of light and color, and his ability to emotionally portray the essence of a place in time, has won him international awards for his Antarctica series, and "Best in Journalism" for his evocative environmental photography, work that is simultaneously beautiful and disturbing.

nina winter
nina winter


My Green iPhone - Original eco-art for your iPhone and iPod touch "Your iPhone is personal. So is your commitment to Green causes. Why not combine the two with Green art designed specifically for your iPhone. Let your iPhone express your Greener self! iPhone and iPod touch devices allow you to add photo wallpapers...." offers free downloads of these high quality images designed specifically for the iPhone or iPod touch. Donations are invited to support the service. Images are contributed by interested photographers and artists. A nice idea that deserves to catch on.

right - Yellowstone canyon


Green Architecture On-line - One page of a site devoted to very useful links on-line and off-line for Green Design generally. Other sections include: Green Design | Alternative Energy | Sustainable Development | Green Law & International Policy | Green/Ethical Investment | Green Marketing & Management | Green Manufacturing | Green Consumerism | Green Purchasing | Recycling & Reclamation | Waste Management | Other On-line Directories | Packaging & Distribution | Green Computing | Complete A-Z of links .

GREEN ARCHITECTURE - An index of sustainable living websites by the University of Missouri - good set of links with useful information about each site....



Marian Osher has lived in Montgomery County, Maryland most of her life. She received her BA from the University of Maryland and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking from George Washington University. Her artwork has been shown in numerous exhibits in the U.S. as well as in the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, the Museum of Modern Art in Argentina and shows in Brazil, Belgium and India. Although she was a stone lithographer for many years, she has chosen to create monotypes and monoprints using water-soluble environmentally friendly media since 2000. She developed a series of jewel-toned mandalas about the universal connections of diverse cultures. In 2004 she created a body of artwork that explores the connection between kaleidoscopic images and music. Her newest artwork highlights diverse environmental issues. A very stylish site with attractive colorful monoprints and monotypes and other work ... marion osher
Bev Peden is a Canadian artist exploring printmaking and oil painting at her home on Pender Island, British Columbia. Having lived in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia for 20 years, her African experiences have strongly influenced her Eastern African paintings and printmaking. She has also enjoyed writing about her experiences and has taken many photographs of people and life in East Africa. "My art reflects the struggle, understanding and, sometimes, humour that accompany the many adjustments which work to combine my African and Canadian experiences. Through balance and insight, my work finds its expression reaching for both the metaphorical and real images which evoke a more primal expression of faith and unity. Many times the work is an exploration of both the outer reality surrounding me, and the inner landscape of my own responses...." bev peden

emma clark prints - Emma Clark was born in Oxford in 1967 and now lives and works in South London. She left Ravensbourne College of Design in 1988 with a BA in ceramics and shortly after turned to printmaking. "..Il Faut Danser la Vie (Life Should be Danced) My new series of one-off prints has been inspired by the experiences I have had over the last 6 months watching and participating in dance. I started to learn to dance last February and lost my heart almost immediately to the feeling of being on the dance floor - the combination of music, lights and the people I met started to seep into my work and within a matter of weeks I was trying to pin down the way it made me feel and make images to represent that." But what has happened to her own very good website and blog ? ...

emma clark

emma clark


Dave Fortune from the University of the West of England Print Centre is author of "The Art Teachers Guide To Water Based Screen Printing"- and he also supplies exposure units and table top screen printing beds for colleges, schools and home studios. The exposure unit can also be used for exposing photo etching, litho or flexo plates. Dave Fortune , will deliver and spend time with staff and students instructing them on the use of the equipment. The website details the equipment and services and a link from which the book can be ordered.

dave firtune
The Artists' Press opened its doors in Newtown, Johannesburg in 1991, under the direction of Tamarind Master Printer, Mark Attwood. The Artists' Press started as a lithography studio providing artists in southern Africa with a workshop dedicated to the production of limited edition hand printed lithographs. Since its inception the press has grown steadily and today offers a variety of print processes to artists as well as publishing and selling original prints and artists books. In 2003 The Artists' Press relocated to a farming area just outside of White River in Mpumalanga. In the purpose built studio the press now offers lithography, letterpress, intaglio, mono-printing and relief printing. This simple, well designed site shows the work of manyinteresting South African printmakers, of all races....

the artists press

"afternoon" by Dumisani Mabaso

Earth Illustrated specialises in environmental graphic design and fine art. Serving Government, business, not-for-profit sectors. "The future of earth hangs in the balance and mankind has both the power and the responsibility to act... Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words but can be difficult to conceive and design. Hands-on experience working in the environmental sector provides Earth Illustrated with the ability to conceptualise environmental design and fully understand our clients and their needs . We sell original artwork, signed prints and undertake commissions for clients" ...this is a site hard to classify, not quite printmaking, but offering a valuable graphic service......

earth illustrated


Keith Howard's Non-Toxic Printmaking Page - Extracts from "Non-Toxic Intaglio Printmaking", describing non-toxic photographic intaglio printmaking methods; Intaglio-Type method using ImagOn film; new grounding methods. Few illustrations but enough information to to give an idea of the contents of the books.. also see :..

Printmaking Methods - A 'Print Australia' Listing - A comprehensive resource of information concerning methods of printmaking and general 'how-to' information, giving preference to sites promoting the use of non-toxic methodologies. A site filled with links to sites under different headings: | Print Australia | Australian Printmakers | Non-Australian Printmakers | Art Theory | Book Arts | Discussion Groups | Education | Exhibitions | Australian Galleries | Non-Australian Galleries | Lists of Links | Magazines | Methods | Organisations | Other media | Papermaking | Prizes | Professional Practice | Searching & Browsing | Suppliers | What's On | Women | Workshops |. Few illustrations, but a popular site.. - links to sites of printmaking interest in all languages - a Dutch site with a large number of links of all kinds, but for more information the links must be followed...



Lindisfarne Sundials - "With time,all we need is the Sun" - Tony Moss designs and builds superb and amazing sundials. His well designed site illustrates and describes his work. " If you have a sundial design in mind but lack the facilities to turn it into enduring bronze, a sad dial that has lost its gnomon, a stolen dial to be replicated or any similar problem I may be able to help provided you are prepared to wait patiently" His dials are etched on bronze and plated sometimes in gold, and he is starting to use electrolytic methods. Not strictly architecture, but solar in a way ...

The Printmakers Council was founded in 1965 to promote the art of printmaking and the work of contemporary printmakers. It continues to pursue this aim by organising a program of exhibitions in London, throughout the U.K. and worldwide. These exhibitions show both traditional skills and innovatory printmaking techniques. These exhibitions show both traditional skills and innovatory printmaking techniques. The PMC has a slide index and planchest of PMC members work which is regularly consulted by galleries, exhibition organisers and potential buyers. Membership is open to all printmakers, students, interested groups and individuals. Recent PMC exhibitions have been mounted at The Natural History Museum, Battersea Pumphouse, Wakefield and in Paris at Musee Adzak. PMC Print Workshops have recently been organised for members at the Artichoke Print Workshop and at the Pitshanger Hanger Manor Gallery. A site for professional printmakers to visit and consider joining.... printmqkers council

Printmakers Webring - part of the Yahoo! webring system. Recently changed address. Sections on non-toxic printmaking and artists. Links to galleries, studios. individual artists, and membership to widen knowledge of your printmaking site. Printmakers with sites showing their prints can join the webring and hopefully receive more visits to their sites...

Join the Printmaker's WebRing!


Sven Åke Svenson lives in the southeast part of Sweden on Österlen where he has his studio and gallery. He works in his studio and in the open air inspired by Scandinavian romantic landscape traditions, painting with toning and glazing that gives a transparent effect. His subjects are taken from the coast between Åhus and Kåseberga. He also makes working trips to Bohuslän in Sweden, to Italy and Austria ...


Printmaking Links (2) - Middle Tennesee State University's site with a facility to search the site for information on all aspects of printmaking. A site very rich in information and links to other printmaking sites...

PRINTMAKING : a site supported by Flemings Fine Art and the Mall Gallery - On line information about printmaking: etching, lithography, relief printing, screen printing, digital and giclée printmaking. Loads of information about print workshops, exhibitions, courses. Good search facility... flemings


Jordi Gispert Pi - a Catalan artist in his own words :"...The message of the art piece is to provoke reflection and second thoughts about the current abuse of nature and the way it is manipulated.The way trees have existed before humanity and the way trees exist today after humanity. The assembly of the art piece allows for easy hanging against any type of walls, and also allows for suspension from the ceiling. The viewing pleasure of the art piece is maximized when the light reflects in 3 simultaneous modes..." An amazing animated site with images that provoke reflection and a wish to know more about the artist... ... Jordi Gisbert Pi

David Bruce Thompson - artist and committed environmentalist, he has painted extensively in Vancouver where he was born. This love of nature has inspired a large body of wild life art. Recently, David¹s work has evolved into new surreal images he calls Precious Planet Art. The Gaia Theory motivated this unique work. These vibrant paintings reflect David¹s passion for the beauty and fragility of the world in its entirety. Large and bold in colour and content, each painting depicts the earth in connection with something precious and natural. An attractive website and art with an ecological message.... .

Patrick Cooper paintings of the Highlands of Scotland and Australia range from traditional landscapes to indepth colour studys and close ups of bark patterns. ".. Having spent a lot of time outside in all weathers, earning a living or hill walking, I have always been fascinated with the colours of the native woodland, mountain and moorland. I am struck by harmonies of colour such as the reddish upper branches of scots pines contrasting with their pine green foliage or the maroon heather and yellow autumnal birch leaves. To gain inspiration and ideas for paintings I will sometimes make 2 to 4 day trips to remote places staying in bothys or rough camping. As well as sketch books I take small rolled canvases for colour studies and oil sketches....".

Patrick Cooper

Guardian of Loch Dubh -
oil on canvas

Allison ReauVeau creates paintings on scrap steel using non-toxic paints in Phoenix, Arizona. Her art is modern|contemporary, soft and contemplative. "I began experimenting on metal as an alternative to 20-may-18smorgasbord. The abundant supply and need for recycling propelled me to continue working on metal... I mix and layer paints/patinas and dry pigment to create a look very similar to glaze on a piece of pottery... One can literally gaze deep into each piece and experience a depth unlike work on canvas or paper." ...
Allison  ReauVeau against one of her paintings




M.P. Brown artworks - "Contemporary art for the conscience contemporary" - M.P. Brown was raised during the gradual decline of the American steel industry. The slow transformation from a blue to white collar society left a lasting impression on him. Much like the societal struggles inherent during change; M.P. Brown's artwork invokes a feeling of contradiction or struggle. He uses an experimental technique of smearing, blending, and manipulating paint with various straight edged materials. This subtle struggle is an abstract depiction of his general mood at the time of creation....This site shows the work of a politically liberal and active supporter of Obama.

Bel Art Web Project is exclusively dedicated to art and pursuits three main goals : To develop a community of artists and galleries around the world, supporting their efforts with free resources to promote their art sites, to provide a guaranteed quality tour and an easy access to the best art related sites in the world of art, and to promote the oil and acrylic paintings on canvas carried through by Manuel Penha da Graca. A simply designed site that offers links to many good international galleries and collections and services for artists wanting to promote their works. The artist author's own works are modestly buried in the middle of the site.....

Peter Ormsby - Steam Train Artist - is capturing an era when time moved at a more leisurely pace. When people cared about their fellow travellers. An era when people recycled because they had to! A site for steam enthusiasts, offering meticulously drawn b+w pictures and technical descriptions of mostly Australian locomotives. Also signed reproduction prints can be ordered. ... about_steam_train_artist.html

Art & Ecology: "A concern for Mother Nature has found its way into much of Toronto's public art. A local, two-person collective called Fastwürms has transformed the city's mostly underground Convention Center into a simulacrum of the natural world". A site presenting a constantly changing selection of sculptors many with a concern about the environment...



Steve Walker - artist "Ever since I looked out across the east London skyline and saw the oppressive march of high rise living I have been anxious about our effect on our environment. ..For the last 30 years I have kept a visual diary much of which expresses my ambivalence of wanting 'stuff' and its impact on our world. I now have a chalk downland wildlife site in Kent, which I manage under the Stewardship scheme. There are many orchids here including the nationally scarce Man orchid, also there are adders, grass snakes, slow worms, many insects and butterflies. Some of the profit from this website is going towards the upkeep and improvement of the nature site.... ". Colourful site trying to sell his "Giclée" prints (which means ink jet prints, so are classed as reproductions) but in a good cause.....

Elizabeth Lundberg Morisette of Greenbelt, Md., acquires collections of small objects ...then reuses them to explore the human need to collect and examine what our collections say about us. Results are lighthearted and imaginative. "Morisette brings a weaver's hand, a conceptual artist's mind and a bargain-hunter's heart to her art, combining piece after small piece of the apparently insignificant in a tireless pursuit of big conceptual statements.".
This site requires Internet Explorer 7 to see the illustrations in the form of a slideshow - if you use any other browser forget it.
Lynne Hull - environmental artist. Her habitat sculptures work at several levels, acting as ecoatonements to restore habitat damaged by human impact while encouraging humans to understand wildlife needs and shift attitudes toward our relationship with other species. "My sculpture and installations provide shelter, food, water or space for wildlife, as eco-atonement for their loss of habitat to human encroachment. Research and consultation are essential to project success. I prefer direct collaboration with wildlife specialists, environmental interpreters, landscape architects, and local people for design integration. The artworks function in the temporal gap between the time reclamation of damaged sites begins and the time nature recovers..." An unusual site professionally designed, with work showing a high degree of awareness of the natural world and need to intervene... Lynne Hull

For the Birds (and Bats) Detail: Observation Point and Blind, with Duck island in background.. .Cumbria, England 1993.
Rob Pettit, a 2007 graduate of the SMFA, creates cell phone art to highlight the proliferation and waste of cell phones. " I have collected over 5,000 mobile phones and made work from them in various mediums: several large floor sculptures, light pieces, sound, and drawings made up from over 40,000 tiny ink hand drawn cell phones" .... A site short on written content but good on ideas, which have attracted attention on both sides of the Atlantic.. work by Rob Pettit
Racheblue - Originally from London, United Kingdom, she has lived in Auckland, New Zealand since 2005. Her work reflects both of these very distinctive places and is heavily influenced by both the immediate surroundings of lush New Zealand landscapes, flora & beaches as well as recaptured memories of vibrant & diverse cityscapes. Another theme is centred around the broad subject of Ethics (particularly consumer ethics) and Environmental Sustainability. Ethical fashion and recycling are current topics under creative discussion and Racheblue combines her artistic endeavours in these fields with research and writing on her weblogs - Ecomonkey and bluAngelAlmanac... Racheblue

Paul Goodrick is an environmental artist and his site contains many examples of the artwork and courses he has produced. It also demonstrates how he has effectively linked his work into other subjects and artforms. An example of his educational work with children is shown opposite - DNA and nature. School/Community Art, Pfizer, ltd, Sandwich, Kent 2002 - "I thought that if each child made a DNA self-portrait sculpture using their own height, hand span and favorite colors, it would give a startling exhibition of many sculptures that were similar in design but individually different," ...


Loewestamm Company manufactures stylish accessories handcrafted from natural wood. Adhering to own philosophy, Loewestamm offers conceptual collections composed of wooden necklaces, wooden bracelets, wooden bangles, wooden earrings. Each product presented by the Loewestamm Company is hand-made and unique since there are no two identical pieces of wood. Flashy site with nice things... ( this omain is for sale) loestamm


KOZO Studio and Gallery was established by artist Tunde Toth in Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny. As a Fibre Artist and Papermaker, Tunde works with natural fibres, handmade papers, combined materials, textiles and found objects. Her work utilises environmentally friendly materials without using any animal products and limiting the use of chemical additives, involving a transformation of old papers into a new creative expression. KOZO studio also operates as a gallery, exhibition space and outlet featuring art work and individually designed pieces by artists and craftspeople who work with natural, environmentally friendly, recycled and re-used materials and/or create their work through an environmentally friendly process. They also offer workshops and short courses for adults and children on a variety of techniques ranging from Hand Papermaking to Japanese Woodblock Printmaking, all based on recycling or eco-friendly processes. Attractive site needing Flash Player, recently created and evolving...

Pluto Krazo Designs is dedicated to artistic creations from 99.9% recycled materials making gift cards, vegan jewelry, fashion and art. The materials used included handmade flower petal paper for luminaries, room dividers, cards and even hand bags, recycled tire inner tubes for jewelry, hand bags and gothic attire such as masks and wings and recycled metal and wood for unique hand made musical insturments! One of the main aspects of Pluto Krazo Designs is hand made flower petal paper....

Audrey Hughes - Fibre Artist - her art is hand felted wool, which she creates using one of the oldest textile processes known - The unspun Merino wool fibres are hand felted by use of a system which engages moisture, friction and heat, causing the fibres to entangle, interlock and mat thus producing nature's earth friendly wonder fabric, felt. Making shapes to adorn the human head, she explores the idea of the head as being a container for the soul, a vessel of power and memory, the sacred centre place. Her free hanging interior wall pieces express a blending of texture and colour, with the natural movement of light and shadow, to reveal a merge of idea, sensation, emotion and form. ...

Racheblue - Originally from London, United Kingdom, she has lived in Auckland, New Zealand since 2005. Her work reflects both of these very distinctive places and is heavily influenced by both the immediate surroundings of lush New Zealand landscapes, flora & beaches as well as recaptured memories of vibrant & diverse cityscapes. Another theme is centred around the broad subject of Ethics (particularly consumer ethics) and Environmental Sustainability. Ethical fashion and recycling are current topics under creative discussion and Racheblue combines her artistic endeavours in these fields with research and writing on her weblogs - Ecomonkey and bluAngelAlmanac... Racheblue
Petrolart - is the art of Jimmy Pons using as his basic material "tar biscuits" that he finds spread all over the beaches of Spain They are the remains of the cleaning of the oil tankers dumped indiscriminately at sea by ruthless captains and shipowners. He collects them and dissolves them to make pigments. " I found out that so many different colours came out of it, from black to cream..... I wanted to create something beautiful and positive out of such a negative and pollutant material." His art is a permanent reminder of our dependance on, and misuse of, a fast disappearing resource, with which we are destroying the environment of the planet....
Jimmy Pons
Greg Patch - Green Art Studio - fine art painting with environmentally sound materials. "..The wave in the landscape, where movement is behind our eyes and before our eyes in lines, shapes, forms, and colors, of our memories and the landscape's memories sculpted by the nature of the wave in time..... The beeswax/natural pigment is food container safe and colorfast." .... Greg Patch
Susie Frazier - An American ecology artist who works with the self-organizing principles found in nature to create abstract and representational collages out of recycled plant materials like leaves and grasses. Using only the natural pigments and no paint, Frazier develops inspiration for each piece by exploring the north coast landscape throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania.... susie frazier
Eco-LogicalART is a dynamic new non-profit sister company to Peter Schulberg's personal recovered element studio, the DejaDesign Gallery. Both entities share his conviction that beautiful objects surround us and only need to be re-envisioned. With Eco-LogicalART Schulberg takes his theory of creative recovery to ground liberating new heights. The gallery's fine art line features original art painted on recycled billboard vinyl. Tossed into landfills by the ton weekly, this heavy, ink impregnated material is an environmental nightmare. But ECO-LA takes the indestructible nature of the advertising vinyl and turns it into an asset. Dynamic and aesthetically pleasing as they are, the works offer something more-- the feel good satisfaction of knowing that a landfill, somewhere, is a little less full because of the art hanging on your wall. An old Shaker saying is one of Schulberg's touchstones: "We do not inherit the earth from our parents; we are borrowing it from our children." Publically visible large scale art projects in Los Angeles doing its little bit for recycling... eco logical
World Wide Arts Resources - A searchable index of artists, art organisations, and arts related sites in all categories. many artists featured are concernwith ecology - for example : Elena Osterwalder's exhibition entitled "From Earth". Osterwalder's installation is a modern take on traditional Hispanic papermaking techniques. "My objective is to fuse old methods used by artisans with contemporary thought processes." .. wwar
ww art




Green Teacher - Education for Planet Earth - a magazine by and for educators to enhance environmental and global education across the curriculum at all grade levels..

GREEN - Global Rivers Environmental Education Network - River of Words: Exploring Watersheds Through Poetry, Art and Ecology. GREEN and IRN are collaborating to offer a series of exciting workshops for educators building on the River of Words approach. Learn to explore, analyze and take actions to improve your own watershed through poetry, art and environmental science..

GREEN- the GrassRoots Environmental Effectiveness Network - A Washington-based environmental campaigning group active in questioning agricultural abuses and other ecological issues.